Bounty on Nick Denton

Holy Shit! Wesearchr has a $25K bounty on Nick Denton’s head.
Last week, Peter Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal, was revealed to be funding Hulk Hogan’s suit against Gawker. It looks like Gawker will be officially dead very soon because of this, plus their viewership is in freefall.
The establishment is not taking this lightly, and a number of sources are publicly crying and gunning for Thiel. I imagine that this will soon stop, as it appears that Nick Denton’s prosecution will stand as an example to them. If they can get Nick Denton, they can get anyone. If you’re going to be throwing stones at Peter Thiel, you had best not be living in a glass house.
Wesearchr, co-founded by Twitter-banned Charles C. Johnson of just launched last week and they are swinging for the fences with a $25K bounty for any information that Nick Denton has committed a felony. If this information is found and publicized, then Denton will be discredited. Presumably, he will have much bigger problems on his hands than his feud with Peter Thiel.
The mainstream media is about to be prosecuted for crimes against the people. They have so much to answer for: so many lies that they have told and so many truths they have left untold. You know that big microphone that the Cathedral has had for 100 years thanks to mass media? Well, it appears that it’s about to get snatched out of their hands. With tools like Wesearchr, we can all participate in the justice system, we can all participate in the division of labor to produce truthful speech in the commons. We are all about to become sheriffs. Gather up the posse, and let’s go find us a hangin’ tree for Nick Denton.
PS – WeSearchr also has a $10K bounty for detection of plagiarism at Gawker.

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