Donald Trump and the Shitlord Insurgency

Unthinkable Thought

No one knows what to make of The Donald. It’s hilarious to watch as establishment hacks on the Left and the Right join forces to torpedo his credibility. The predictable Left seeks his utter destruction, while the cockroach Right scrambles to distance itself from him in order to maintain its veneer of “respectability.” Nevertheless, Trump has proven to be the Kevlar King, with his popularity skyrocketing even as the PC firing squads launch salvo after salvo at him.

The irony is delicious. The political incorrectness of his “Mexican criminals” comment combined with the Left’s hysterical agitation against him transformed him from a buffoonish loudmouth with a DOA presidential candidacy into a serious contender, to everyone’s chagrin. After abortively deploying the full force of their Weapons of Mass Deception…

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