It’s often hilarious to listen in to the feminist echo chamber. There’s really no sphere of the web like the fem-o-sphere for rampant vapidity and in-fighting. Apparently someone started a #YesAllWomen hashtag, and we have the Grrl Power! brigade jumping on the bandwagon.

But of course, white women (let alone male feminists) cannot grasp true ‘intersectional oppression’, so the minori-fems take offense that there are too many white (and male) feminists taking advantage of the victim-attention that should be going to minorities and various gender-bender headcases. I’m sure you’ll remember Ching-chong-ding-dong ‘chop’ Suey Park of recent Stephen Colbert bashing fame. Apparently she is a top ranking strategist in the fem-army who can order lower ranking fem-allies back to their stations to await further instruction.

And inevitably, an aggrieved victim begins tweeting the  #YesAllWhiteWomen tag. Let the white-fem bashing begin!

So, the Grrl Power! parade gets rained on as white women are one-upped by the intersectional feminists. As far as I can tell being a trannie Person of Color is the trump card of the victim status hierarchy:

I couldn’t help but point out how fun it is to watch the fems get fem-bashed by more femmie fems. Sadly, I got quickly put in my cis-het-patriarchal-white-master-race place by being called ‘stupid’. Wow, when the fems come at you, they sure do play rough! Put the claws away kitty, Daddy’s just having a little laugh.

White feminists are being quickly shunted to the side by higher ranking victims. Perhaps this can go on forever, but it has been my experience that blah blah ‘like a woman scorned’. Who knows how long it will take for white feminists to get tired of riding in the back of the victim bus? Even when they try to get air play for the whole ‘rape culture’ nonsense, they still get out-ranked on the victim scale. White feminists are now laughable creatures, pathetically trying to compete for victim status against clearly more oppressed minority-trannie-fems. White feminists started the victim game, and it was fun while it lasted, but it appears to me that it is a game of musical chairs and the seats for white women are rapidly disappearing.

Ladies, let Uncle Butch give you some advice, you’ll be happier if you just go #BackToTheKitchen.


Conservatism, Frames and Windows

It seems that Mr. Brett Stevens and I are engaged in an attempt to reconcile conservatism/paleoconservatism and the Dark Enlightenment.

Over at Amerika blog, Mr. Stevens posted The history of thought leading up to New Right, neoreaction, and dark enlightenment. which I perceived as an attempt to minimize the DE as paleoconservatism. Though I am not a high theorist of Neoreaction like Bryce Laliberte, Henry Dampier or Aimless Gromar, I humbly attempted to clarify some concepts in my response. Mr. Stevens has now replied with a clarification of conservatism, that Conservatism is Realism, in a good faith attempt to reconcile the underlying forces of conservatism and the DE.

In my opinion, paleoconservatism and the DE do share an underlying factor which could very likely be called ‘realism’ or simply truth. The left is engaged in utopian social engineering, hell-bent on spreading the feel-good religion of Progressivism, which is based on a single lie: Egalitarianism. Thus, they come to the happy conclusion that all the ills of the world can be cured and everyone rendered equal, if we simply tear down all inequalities wherever we find them. Of course, if you’re on the right, you understand that human civilization is built on hierarchies, and that hierarchies are by definition organized on inequality, being an attempt to organize inequalities efficiently. This is the meritocracy that Mr. Stevens evokes, writing ‘we need to pick those with the best self-control and advance them above others’. This is indeed how civilizations are built, and the end goal of all reaction is human flourishing, found in the form of civilization.

Mr. Stevens marshals the defense that conservatism is based in realism and pragmatism:

A conservative finds society as it is, and instead of looking for a different path, just begins clearing and grading the old until it is improved to the point of optimum. Hence a conservative tendency to look for “the good, the beautiful and the true” by applying methods related to improvement, such as conservation and optimization.

That line ‘A conservative finds society as it is’ caught my eye, because it is so true. This is exactly the point that I would like to elaborate on. Here is the nub of it.

The pickup artists understand the idea of a ‘frame’. Heartiste, in response to a query by HBDChick,  shows us how Jason Richwine could have reframed the media attacks against him, how he could have used game to seduce the media. Why is this possible? Because when dealing with humans, and a society is simply a group of humans, nothing is as it is. Sure reality is still reality, but humans do not necessarily deal with reality, they deal with their perception of reality. In the human mind, everything is only as it is perceived to be. A conservative will tend to find society as it is, meaning take the frame that has been handed to him and respond within that frame. Understanding how to manipulate  opinion, both at the population and individual levels, is essential to moving forward. Conservatives have traditionally not dedicated much time to the study of human behavior, with an eye to the goal of manipulating that behavior to achieve desired outcomes. They need to learn some game.

A window is a frame. The window frames what we can see, masking the rest of the scene. In political theory, we have the notion of the Overton window, which is the narrow range of ideas that are palatable to the public and within which an official must remain if he wishes to gain or keep public office. This definition itself is not really correct, because the public opinion is manipulated or manufactured. So the window is controlled by intellectual elites who manufacture the consent of the public.

The Overton window can be manipulated, it can be moved. Here is an article of how Jimmy ‘the rent is too damn high’ McMillan, a radical left fringe, shifted the Overton window. The Overton window is shifted by a radical fringe. A conservative will find society as it is, but the members of the DE are intent on shifting the Overton window to the right in order to push society where is should go.

This is a problem with conservatism, it does not seem to be aware of the frame which surrounds it, that the frame is dictated by the left. This is what I meant when I wrote that ‘Conservatism enunciates a set of values that it feels at a gut level, but which it cannot intellectually defend because it can only think in leftist ideological terms‘. Conservatism must come to understand the ideological theory that under-girds the left, and begin to dismantle it. If the conservative ‘just begins clearing and grading the old until it is improved to the point of optimum’, then he is building upon the ground of the left, unaware that this ground he has graded and improved lies within the frame of the left.

The Dark Enlightenment and NRx are an opportunity for conservatives. Conservatives should point at the DE and its ‘radical’ notions. When conservatives talk about the DE, rather than attempt to paint the DE as another flavor of conservatism, it should point to the ideological ground on which the Dark Enlightenment is built, to the land that lays outside the frame, to the space to the right of the window that remains unseen. The more conservatives can bring discussions of the DE into the mainstream, even if only to say: this is what right-wing radicalism looks like, let me contrast this with my more moderate views, the more the Overton window can move. Dear conservatives, do not attempt to bring us into the fold. The DE is the radical right fringe that conservatives need to move that window, if only conservatives can learn a little more game and how to reframe.

History of Thought Leading to the Dark Enlightenment, A Response

Over on Amerika.org, Brett Stevens has entered a post on The history of thought leading up to New Right, neoreaction, and dark enlightenment. The essence of the post is that Neoreaction and the Dark Enlightenment are simply new façades placed on paleoconservativism and that the DE doesn’t need to act like leftists to recruit leftists.

Act like leftists to recruit leftists

A quick note on my view of leftism. The left holds an ideology based on three interlocking core values: egalitarianism, individualism, and universalism. Egalitarianism is the ideology of envy, that no man shall be greater than me, that 1=1, and a>b is heresy. To make 1=1 work, then we must be dealing with 1’s, so individualism, that everyone is a 1, is baked into egalitarianism. Finally, the phrase ‘all men are created equal’, is the universalization of individual egalitarianism, or 1=1=1=1=1 to infinity.

I believe that act like leftists to recruit leftists is not a stratagem, but an inevitability. Many of the DE act like leftists, because they know nothing but leftism, and they recruit leftists because there are nothing but leftists. My entire journey to the DE was a discovery that everything I have ever known is leftism. I find the roots of leftism in Protestantism, in Martin Luther’s destruction of Church authority and the assertion that every individual has an equal ability to interpret the Bible. The first colonizers of America where Puritans, radical Protestants. America is rooted in the Enlightenment, whose liberté, égalité, fraternité are simply the logical extension of Luther’s Reformation. The USSR and America are twin democracies, not polar opposites. Protestantism, democracy, communism, anarchy, libertarianism are all rooted in equality, individualism, and universalism.

Today in America, there is nothing but the left. How can there be any choice, but to act like leftists to recruit leftists?

Dark Enlightenment: Paleoconservatism rehydrated?

What is conservatism? I think Rothbard nails it in For a New Liberty, speaking of Herbert Spencer’s pragmatic abandonment of the liberalism of early America: “Hence, Spencer abandoned liberalism in practice to a weary, conservative, rearguard action against the growing collectivism and statism of his day.” Conservatism is simply pragmatic liberalism. Conservatives say “I can live with today’s liberalism, but here I draw the line and will budge no further” every day, forever. Conservatism is not a reaction against the left, it is simply its sad shadow, whispering “not so fast!”.

So, is it really the goal of neoreactionaries to jazz up conservatism? No. Neoreaction is not paleoconservatism, it is a genuine rebirth of rightist thought, in direct opposition the the world that the left has created. Conservatism enunciates a set of values that it feels at a gut level, but which it cannot intellectually defend because it can only think in leftist ideological terms.

The DE is intellectual and it is cultured. It understands that human flourishing is the highest goal, and that civilization is the vehicle of that goal, and that civilization can only be preserved by renouncing liberté, égalité, fraternité. No one is equal: deal with it. The DE is filled with children born in a leftist world, who now have incontrovertible genomic proof of inequality of both individuals and populations. They have facility with genomics, evolutionary biology and evolutionary psychology. Biology and nature are authoritarian — obey or die — and acceptance of that authority is rightest. The left is the domain of liars who believe nature can be conquered with education and social programs, we see their lies and we seek the truth.

The DE is also human. It is full acceptance of human nature and its mysteries, and one of those mysteries that under-girds human flourishing is mysticism and religion. We don’t have to completely understand how something functions in order to recognize and leverage its benefits. The left has killed God, and stands in opposition to all natural authority. Sure, some of the DE are atheists and agnostics, but it is my opinion that the majority are not. The DE can give reasoned and rational evidence to the benefits of religion. The Church appears to have created modern Western civilization, by enforcing social rules, including the essential rules of patriarchy. I believe that civilization is simply a synonym for patriarchy and Western civilization is simply Catholic patriarchy.

In summary, the Dark Enlightenment is both something new and something old, but in my humble opinion it is not conservatism. One last point about the DE which is a notable contrast to conservatism: it has style and flair. It walks with a swagger, because it has internalized ‘game’ given to us by those lovable cads, the PUAs. To see a group of righteous men with the minds of Moldbug and the flair of Roissy is indeed something new.

Emily Films Her Abortion

This is a heartwarming story about a brave young woman who wanted to do her part to lessen the social stigmatization around abortion, so she filmed her own to show just how ‘not a big deal’ it is.

It’s just wonderful to see women freeing themselves in this way, from the oppression of society and social norms. Her father must be so proud.


Cosmopolitan magazine also published her article about the experience. So, please, do your part to help lessen the stigmatization of abortion and support magazines like Cosmo and others who also help Emily present abortion positively.

The Future of the Big Gay NFL

I feel a little petty writing this post, because it features a snarky takedown of NFL fandom and to admit that I simply got a kick out of reading it. I’m only human. I think that it’s important that we take down the modern tower of Babel one brick at a time and NFL fandom is just such a brick.

I don’t keep up with much professional sports, but apparently there is some gay football player named Michael Sam, and there are some in the NFL who are not big fans of gay football players. So, Don Jones tweets a negative comment about Sam, and a journalist then supports the progressive morality of the Miami Dolphins for suspending and fining Jones. Vox Day then criticizes this journalist for taking part in the thought policing.

Now, this was even before Michael Sam’s big gay kiss after receiving the news that he was drafted.

For me, the best part of this entire scene is a comment on Vox’s blog, which would have made me shoot milk out of my nose had I been drinking any. It’s beautifully vicious and probably right. I’ll reproduce it here:

 Shibes Meadow May 12, 2014 6:43 PM

It’s hilarious to watch you guys face the reality that your religion — NFL football — has been taken over by homos. “I guess I’ll have to give up the NFL now!” The hell you will. You’ll sulk for a couple of weeks, but by Thanksgiving every G–d–ned one of you will be back in front of the tele-tit lapping up that Sunday shot of sweet, sweet soma. You’re like drunks on the wagon who convince themselves that one more little drink — for medicinal purposes, of course — won’t hurt. “I’ll just watch the Eagles-Redskins game, then I’m done with it forever!” Pathetic.

Want to be countercultural? Want to be reactionary? Then you’d damned well be better to take it all the way. If you think you can fight the Power while still mainlining the junk the Power is selling you then you’re fooling yourself, just like a street junkie who thinks he can keep it under control. “I’m not an addict! I can quit any time!” Yeah, right.

Pro football, college football, pro basketball, college basketball, the Olympics, the USTA Tour, the PGA Tour, NASCAR, boxing, MMA, hockey, Indy Cars, F1, hell the Kentucky Derby — it’s all one big thing, all part of the total propaganda package you pay for with your monthly cable bill. If you watch or follow any of them, then you are just as much a captive audience as is the college freshman who has to pass Ms. Bambiki-Zulu’s Racial Privilege 101 class at Karl Marx Kommunity Kollege.

“Oh, but I got to have my Packers! I got to have my Steelers!” Really? You “got” to? And what would happen if you didn’t? Let’s say the Minnesota Vikings take it all the way this year, win their first Super Bowl ever in a fantastic overtime one-point win.


The sun still comes up tomorrow. The world still turns. Unless you yourself are a member, investor in, or employee of the World Champion Minnesota Vikings, their spectacular victory in the Sooper Bowl means exactly nada, nothing, zip-zip-zero. “Your team” did not win. The Vikings are not “your team”, not in any sense of the word. In fact, the owners, staff, and players of the team very likely hate people like you and everything you believe in. 99 out of 100 of the people who work for and play for and own the teams of the NFL, the NBA, the NCAA, would very likely gladly see you, your family, your church, and everyone who looks like and believes as you do marched into a concentration camp and shot next to a mass grave.

Yet you give them your money, your attention, and your loyalty anyway.

Want a picture of the future? Picture the Halftime Spectacular of Super Bowl LXX. There you are, along with a hundred others like you, bound naked to a row of steel poles on a platform at the fifty-yard line of AT&T Stadium. As President Dr. Dre’s latest hit “Nigger Motherfucker” blasts from the stadium speakers, a muscular, nude Negro transsexual marches up to each of you in turn and blows his or her head off with a rhinestone-encrusted M4. As he reaches you at last, Bob Costas (in a spangled rainbow leotard) holds up the mike to your bloody lips. “Any last words, your racist, sexist, homophobic, cismale white Christian asshole?” he smirks.

You grin through bloody teeth, quirk an eybrow, stare down the barrel of the M4, and with your last breath on Earth you yell at the top of your lungs “HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWWWBOOYYYYYYYS?!”

I’m glad Shibes added college sports in there. Most college sports teams are dominated by blacks, while the college classrooms are dominated by whites. The teams look nothing like the schools. It astounds me to see mobs of white kids cheering on the only blacks that go to their school as if they represent the school. College sports teams are a professional circus that has nothing to do with educational attainment or those attaining educational excellence, it is a walking contradiction, in exactly the same way that a gay sports hero is a contradiction in terms.

Shibes Meadow, if you read this, please hit me up so that I can follow you on Twitter. I hope there is more where that came from.

5/17 Update

I missed another, less poetic comment from Shibes:

 Shibes Meadow May 12, 2014 10:16 PM
Sorry if I hurt anybody’s tender feelings, but I don’t give the Commies and perverts a pass when they say one thing and do another. I’m certainly not going to do it for Our Side,

I was a huge sports fan in the 1970s. From AAU to the WFL — I loved it all. I worked for the USTA back in the ’90s. I worked for another major sports league in the 2000s. I will always love baseball.

But the baseball I love is as dead as the America I love, and pledging my allegiance to pro sports now is as empty and hypocritical an act as is pledging allegiance to Old Glory. In each case, the entity worthy of my allegiance is as much a thing of the past as the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Still, at least there are still a few Habsburgs left. There is nothing left of the Amerca I loved, nor of its national pastime. It’s all part of the Revolutionary propaganda mill now, and I say to hell with it.