God as Meta-Personality

I can’t say that I know what God is with any assurance. I have an empirical bent. But I am quite convinced of the utility and even fundamental necessity of religion and of the idea of God to successful human societies.

One notion that I have heard from Dr. Jordan Peterson is the idea of God as being a sort of meta-entity. There is a video (that I can’t find) where he states this, and says something like “and you can make a deal with that thing” (or something similar). If you know it, please link me.

I was reading the Heidelberg Catechism today:

Q & A 4

Q. What does God’s law require of us?

A. Christ teaches us this in summary in Matthew 22:37-40:

“‘You shall love the Lord your God
with all your heart,
and with all your soul,
and with all your mind.’1
This is the greatest and first commandment.

“And a second is like it:
‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’2

“On these two commandments hang
all the law and the prophets.”

1Deut. 6:5
2Lev. 19:18

So, the two important aspects of God’s law, according the the Heidelberg Catechism is complete commitment to God and community (neighbors). It’s interesting that these two are primary, God and community. This seems to fit with this notion of God as meta-personality with whom a deal can be struck.

Think now on the Last Supper, where Jesus said that the wine was his blood and the bread his body. Why? Because of animal sacrifice. The Greeks, previously, and the Jews and Romans, contemporaneously, practiced animal sacrifice. Often, to atone for some sin, an animal sacrifice would be offered to appease God. I’ve recently re-read the Iliad, which depicts animal sacrifice, and in this ritual the meat is given to the community to share. Previously, I had assumed the flesh was not consumed. I was wrong.


At this point, the sacrificial ritual would become a feast for gods and humans alike. The animal would be cooked over open flames on the altar and the pieces distributed. To the gods went the long bones with some fat and spices (and sometimes wine) — those would continue to be burned so that the smoke would rise up to the gods and goddesses above. Sometimes the smoke would be “read” for omens. To the humans went the meat and other tastier parts of the animal – indeed, it was normal for the ancient Greeks to only eat meat during a sacrificial ritual.

Everything had to be eaten there in that area rather than taken home and it had to be eaten within a certain amount of time, usually by evening. This was a communal affair – not only were all of the members of the community there, eating together and bonding socially, but it was believed that the gods were participating directly as well. A crucial point worth keeping in mind here is that the Greeks did none of this while prostrating themselves on the ground as was the case in other ancient cultures. Instead, the Greeks worshiped their gods while standing up — not quite as equals, but more equal and more similar than one normally encounters.

Now, understanding this ritual consumption of the sacrificed animal, the Last Supper makes sense. Jesus was to be the sacrificial lamb, his blood shed to atone for the sins of mankind and his body feeding them, much as a the blood of the fatted calf could atone for a man or group’s sins.

Isn’t it interesting that the sacrifice fed the group? If we honor the conglomeration of everyone in the community who is not ourselves as we honor God, feeding them fat and meat as a ritual to atone for some transgression while dedicating the blood to God, then it stands to reason that our concept of God and our concept of the community are inter-related. This lends credence to the idea that we treat this meta-personality as God.

Now, I’m not asserting that this meta-personality model is true. I’m asserting that this ritual of animal sacrifice is a good way to bond a community together, to take care of them, and to atone for transgressions. I think it’s obvious that the group does stand in judgement of the individual and can choose to help or punish an individual, and it is wise for individuals to curry favor with the group. This would explain the meaning and purpose of animal sacrifice, which would then explain the metaphor of the Last Supper and why it resonated among people who practiced animal sacrifice. Just because we humans function this way, does not mean that there is not an all powerful creator God, it just means that humans follow rational incentives in the creation of their religious rituals.

You’ll notice that ‘getting right with God’ inevitably means atoning to the community for transgressions. And God’s laws inevitably lead to harmony in the community. Feeding the community is a great way to obtain the forgiveness of the community, in addition to making them healthier and stronger and more united as a group.

On Roosh’s Moderate Half-Measure

Roosh has a plan to save Western civilization. It’s not bad. In fact, I’d call it a good start.


Why stop at removing the vote from women? If we get all these benefits by removing the vote from women, what other benefits would we get if we removed the vote from men of ‘poor character’ and men who don’t own property?

It should be clear to you that women will always use their votes to destroy themselves and their nations, to invite invaders with open legs, to persecute their own men, and to ravage their economies with socialism. Because they don’t operate on logic like men do, you will always have this destructive element within the political ranks of your nation as long as women have the right to vote. Giving them this right was a terrible mistake. I can now claim to have one political dream, and that is to repeal women’s suffrage. I will vote only for politicians who put me closer to realizing this necessary reality. Within my lifetime, I’m certain that at least one country, in an attempt to save itself, will elevate a barbarous and ferocious strongman to fulfill this task, and he will have my full support, because repealing women’s suffrage is the only issue of our day that can single-handedly solve all the others.

I guess we have to start somewhere.


Addendum, related:

“A democracy, properly so called, is a political organization modelled in accordance with the law of equal freedom. And if so, those cannot be called democracies under which, as under the Greek and Roman governments, from four-fifths to eleven-twelfths of the people were slaves. Neither can those be called democracies, which, like the constitutions of mediaeval Italy, conferred power on the burghers and nobles only. Nor can those even be called democracies, which, like the Swiss states, have always treated a certain unincorporated class as political outlaws. Enlarged aristocracies these should be termed; not democracies. No matter whether they be a minority or a majority to whom power is denied; the exclusion of them is in spirit the same, and the definition of a democracy is equally broken. The man who steals a penny we call dishonest, as well as the man who steals a pound; and we do so because his act equally testifies to a certain defect of character. Similarly we must consider a government aristocratic, be the class it excludes large or small.”
— Herbert Spencer, Social Statics (1851), Ch XX, § 9


Addendum 2:

No automatic alt text available.


Note: Be cautious! Do not to take this information and run headlong into conspiracy theory. Allow researchers to do their work. So far, David Seaman, who was fired from Huffington Post for reporting on Hillary’s health, has been vetting this information. He appears to be trustworthy. Make yourself aware of the information, use it to prepare memes and to make the lives of Leftists miserable. Do not run headlong into Illuminati conspiracy, that has been a failing tactic in the past, so we must exercise extreme caution around this topic. However, it has the potential to be an effective weapon, and we may need to apply pressure to the Trump administration to investigate and prosecute. To be clear: We are not advocating violence, or harassment or any form of direct action against any of the businesses or individuals implicated in #PizzaGate.

#PizzaGate is the current investigation into a pedophile ring which involves high-level Washington insiders. The investigation was sparked by WikiLeaks release of John Podesta’s emails, then Hillary’s 2016 campaign head. These emails contained odd messages which appeared to be coded language, similar to how drug dealers refer to various substances and quantities using code words. Some of the key words were: hot dog, pizza, cheese, pasta, and dominos. You can search for these terms yourself on WikiLeaks. Since the discovery of this coded language, researchers have been steadily compiling evidence.

I believe that #PizzaGate is going to be massive. The primary reason I think this is because the stranglehold of FakeNews, Inc., formerly known as the Mainstream Media, has been broken. The tipping point has been reached during the Trump 2016 campaign cycle as FakeNews destroyed their credibility in their desperate attempt to derail the ascension of the God Emperor to the throne. The second reason is because Trump will be president, and we expect him to appoint to cabinet positions, men who are enemies of the current power elite. The Trump election represents a coup d’etat, as one faction of the Deep State struck another faction through the release of information via WikiLeaks. It seems less likely that the information which is being published by WikiLeaks has been obtained by ‘hackers’, and more likely that it has been obtained by personnel in security positions and strategically leaked. I see #PizzaGate as a side-effect of the Podesta email leaks, though I think it will be an unintended consequence which has the power to convulse the political orders of the world. The third reason is that #PizzaGate will provide the moral license that we need to wash the scum off the streets. This information has the potential to inflame the righteous moral indignation of every decent man in America. It is that incendiary.

Global Power Dynamics

Let me take a few moments to contextualize #PizzaGate in terms of global power dynamics.

I view #PizzaGate as a single battle in a massive paradigm shift, which is realigning our our entire world. The Middle Ages was controlled by an alliance of the Aristocracy (Law/Violence) and the Church (Voice/Suggestion). The Renaissance marked the shift of power to control government policy away from Aristocracy and to the Merchants through finance (See Three Estates Theory), and the power of Voice/Suggestion shifting from the Church to the University/Media. The Industrial Revolution saw huge shifts in power from the Aristocracy (violence) to the Merchants (finance), and in the modern era we are controlled almost exclusively through financial means. It is not those with military might who are dubbed the ‘Masters of the Universe‘, it is Wall Street, meaning finance. Globalism/Neo-liberalism/Americanism is the general system of using financial means to control media, markets and politics. This control was cemented in the US with the move to full fiat currency, which allowed those who controlled the issuance of the currency to effectively control all other mechanisms. There is a famous quote, of dubious attribution, which sums up the observation of the shift of power from the Aristocracy (law) to the Merchants (finance): “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!”. This quote summarizes the notion that financial power supplanted martial power to control the state. Interestingly, there is a related quote which sums up the current shift of power from Finance to Information: “Let me make the songs of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”

We are now seeing power shift from Finance to Information. This is why the Alt-Right is ascendant, because our movement is digital-native. We sing the songs of the nation now, and we care not who makes its laws. This is the essential nature of the Deep State coup d’etat we are currently undergoing, as the control is shifting away from those who control finance and into the hands of those who control information. This is excellent news for the right, because the right thrives on truth, while the left thrives on lies. In the Industrial Era, analog communications technology was relatively expensive which favored centralization (corporations owned radio towers, not individuals), which allowed financial means to control the laws which controlled the corporations. In the Digital Era, communications are cheap, ubiquitous and more importantly, nuclear-bomb-proof-polycentric-multi-node-redundant. The internet treats censorship as damage and routes around it. Now that we can network our brains together and communicate directly, the power of Finance is doomed because it can not longer maintain control of communications through legal action against corporations. Attempts to censor thought by media companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Reddit, etc. are doomed to fail, as the information will route around this damage.

This shift of power from Finance to Information is key to understanding #PizzaGate in the context of world events. If #PizzaGate proves out, then it will show that significant levers of power are controlled through the means of blackmail, and through bonding within cults. It is possible that the Deep State has been actively promoting into positions of power those whom they could control through blackmail. This makes logical sense. I’m not making accusations here. I’m not saying that this is irrefutably the case. I am saying that the leverage obtained through recording criminal behavior is a valuable asset to those attempting to control a regime. We must keep this in mind as a possibility. We must also keep in mind the dynamics of cults, where members pay a high price of entry and become committed to the success of the group, such as gang members committing murder as the price of entry.

The problem for the Globalist elites is that the Digital Age has changed the rules. Now less and less can be kept secret, both at the personal and state level. It has become increasingly difficult to keep back-room deals secret, as WikiLeaks is showing. This is because the Deep State is composed of many competing factions, it is not a monolithic unit of singular purpose. Now those who control information can use their power to supplant those who control finance, and there is a lot of incentive for them to do so. That is the root of the battle that is unfolding before us. FakeNews, Inc. was the creature of Financial power, and they can no longer hide the secrets of the Globalist elites, at exactly that the same time that the populace has lost faith in the credibility of FakeNews, Inc. and we have an anti-establishment president in the White House appointing new heads to the three-letter agencies with the power to prosecute. This is a perfect storm. A confluence of events of incredible magnitude which has the power to reshape the world.

It is heartening that General Flynn, Trump’s pick for National Security Advisor is already aware of and promoting this issue. Take note of this hysterical NYT article noting that our ascendant NSA chief chanted “Lock her up!” and linked to a video titled “Fear of muslims is RATIONAL“. Then there are these tweets:

Flynn Tweet on Clinton Pedophile Ring

Smoke and Fire

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

“When you’re catching flak, you know you’re over the target.”

The Podesta emails were released on WikiLeaks in early November of 2016. This release is commonly attributed to a ‘hack’, but as I’ve stated, it makes more sense that this was a strategic release from an insider. The researchers have been compiling information on the pedophile ring and a few very strange things have happened. This is the smoke that leads me to think there is fire: the attempts by the system to censor and create alternative narratives. Notice this very strange fact about the two articles below, from NYT and WaPo: they are defending a tiny pizza shop. This is very odd in itself, the way these two papers are actively attempting to create a narrative around a single pizza shop owner. Why is James Alefantis so important to them?

New York Times Article

November 21, 2016

NYT publishes an article about ‘fake’ news, claiming flatly that all the accusations against James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong are false. The funny thing is: Cecilia Kang (also mentioned in the Podesta emails) doesn’t debunk any of the information, but she does say ‘fake’ 15 times. David Seaman has the best video take. So, laying the credibility of the NYT on the line to defend a single pizza shop owner, and not actually providing any empirical counter-evidence? This is very strange behavior.

Snopes Article

November 21, 2016

Snopes joins NYT to stridently defend a single pizza shop owner.

Reddit banned the PizzaGate thread

November 22, 2016

There were many active researchers on the topic and Reddit banned it, stating that they didn’t want ‘witchhunts’. In a related note, there are at least two active reddits for the discussion of pedophilia, by pedophiles. Even though the main reddit is gone, for now there is PizzaGateMemes still active. It appears that Voat.co/v/PizzaGate is the alternative to this censorship.

Pedo Reddits

Washington Post Article

November 24, 2016

WaPo published an article decrying ‘fake’ news. This article also displays a striking lack of logical rebuttal to any of the information, relying instead on blanket denial. Once again, David Seaman has the best video take.

These 4 items, within quick succession of each other, all in defense of a single pizza shop owner were enough smoke to pique my interest that there may be fire.

The Details

The details are still emerging. They involve many images from Instagram and tweets and there are already a number of interesting videos. You can keep up with them at Voat.co/v/PizzaGate. There are already a number of YouTube accounts doing excellent work documenting the findings. I recommend you follow these accounts and watch and like their videos: David Seaman, Titus Frost: One, Two, Three, Reality Calls: One. That should be plenty to get you started.

The Fire

I may be wrong, but I think that #PizzaGate has the potential to inflame the populace for Globalist blood. I think that FakeNews, Inc. has totally lost control of the narrative. This pedophile ring story may be the rope with which we hang the globalists. We may be able to literally execute them over this. They are guilty of so many crimes that are equally or even more monstrous, but this may be the smoking gun that we need to actually spill their blood. I see this as an excellent club with which to beat the Left. There are memes galore. We can shower them in mockery and make their lives miserable until they reach their bitter ends.

A word of caution here: we do not want to become conspiracy theorists. We want to be informed and we want to prosecute crimes. This information is incendiary. Much of the evidence is rather circumstantial. If we can get an actual investigation, then it may bear fruit. I think the goal should be to investigate and spread awareness of the possibility, but not to become an Alt-Right Conspiracy Squad. This touches a topic which has been poisonous to credibility in the past: the Illuminati. We must exercise caution not to lose credibility by spreading baseless rumors. The status quo is already attempting to frame this as baseless ‘fake news’ and online bullying of a totally normal pizza shop. Our job should be to terrorize the Left with the parts of this that we can corroborate and to put pressure on the system to bring investigation and prosecution.

This article also published at TheRightStuff.biz.

Wedging Gays and Muslims

We are winning the meme wars. This is a ground game and it requires all of us to pull together to capture the idea-space of the normies. We make and distribute the memes that define the reality of the normies. The internet has allowed us to capture this territory from the mainstream media, but we must fight on a daily basis to maintain control of this crucial battlefield. This memespace is the territory that the ‘conservatives’ failed to hold. We have taken it and we must hold it. We will hold it. We were Born to Meme.


The big topic this week is the mass killings of gays at a gay bar in Orlando this weekend. The shooter was a Muslim who called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS. This was unmistakably Islamic violence against gays in America.

Watch this clip as Owen Jones walks off set because of his rage at his liberal co-hosts who refuse to admit that 1) Gays were the targets, 2) that a Muslim killed them for being gay.

His co-hosts try to make this out to be a ‘lone lunatic’ who had guns that need to be banned, attempting to deflect to gun control and mental illness, rather than admit what this gay man just realized: Gays will never be safe from Muslim violence, and the liberals will allow Muslim violence against gays because Muslims are higher ranked on the Progressive stack than gays.


The problem for the LGBT community is that this shooting highlights the Progressive stack ranking values of two Democrat client groups: Muslims and LGBT.

People like Hillary are in the position that they must loudly wail and gnash their teeth about violence to LGBT at the same time that they can’t say the word Muslim. It causes them a lot of pain when anyone points out that Islam (and Muslim) is extremely anti-gay (tons of poll data and videos and koran quotes available). So, they deflect. They want to talk about anything else: gun control, Christians, colonialism… anything that keeps the hatred of the Left focused on the target: straight, white, males.

The reaction of the Left is calculated for one thing: maintain the coalition. They don’t care what the truth is, they will tell any lie which allows them to maintain their voting coalition. They don’t care that Islam is 100% antithetical to Western values, and that Muslims will never peacefully co-exist with gays. The problem is that gays just realized that they are temporarily useful to the Democrats, and only temporarily, and that the Democrats have zero intention of actually protecting them from Muslim violence. Gays are valuable to help attack straight white men, but in the end they have a lower rank on the Progressive stack than brown Muslims.

The Democrats are pro-Islam and, objectively, to be pro-Islam is to be anti-Gay.

This makes this shooting a very valuable wedge issue. By allowing Muslims into America, the Democrats are in effect choosing Muslims over gays. We simply need to hammer this issue. Meme magic is real boys, so spread this meme. Drive this wedge. Smash their coalition. Make it cool to be anti-Muslim because Liberalism.

Donald Trump has already begun this strategy with his speech in New Hampsire, 23:45.

“Why would we admit people who support violent hatred. Hillary Clinton can never claim to be a friend of the gay community as long as she continues to support immigration policies that bring Islamic extremists to our country and who suppress women, gays and anyone else who doesn’t share their views or values.

She can’t have it both ways. She can’t claim to be supportive of these communities while trying to increase the number of people coming in who want to oppress these same communities. How does this kind of immigration make our lives better? How does this kind of immigration make our country better? Why does Hillary Clinton want to bring people in, in vast numbers, who reject our values? Why? Explain.

Ask yourself who is really the friend of women, and the LGBT community, Donald Trump, with actions, or Hillary Clinton, with her words? I will tell you, who the better friend is, and some day I believe that will be proven out.”

Last summer, after the Supreme Court ruling, the White House was lit up in rainbow flag colors. It is currently very chic to be pro-Gay, and many normal people innately understand that they have a lot to fear from Islam. All they need is an excuse, and the Orlando shootings are the excuse they need to become supporters of ending Muslim immigration, of rooting out Muslim terrorists on America soil, and of suspending immigration completely for a time.

To exploit this sentiment, we are currently driving this wedge as deeply as possible to break off the pro-Gay coalition into the Trump camp. I personally have been using the following images, and I encourage you to use them as you spread this meme to normies:

  1. To be pro-Islam is to be anti-Gay. Hillary and the Dems are pro-Islam.
  2. Daddy’s gonna build a wall and keep you safe.

This is how I’m using it on Faceberg.


Then, when liberals attempt to deflect away from the wedge, they are handled thusly:


Similarly, to be pro-Second-Amendment is to be pro-Gay:


Go get ’em, boys.



Meme Magic: Echoes and Coincidence

Well, the (((Echoes))) and Coincidence Detector appeared in the minds of SJW normies this week. Their heads exploded. We laughed. All in all it’s been a great week in meming for the AltRight.

Echoes? (((Echoes))) are a visual pun. On The Daily Shoah podcast, there’s a spot called the Merchant Minute which is pure Jewish mockery by a memetic genius whose name I can say but can’t spell, [More Rock You]. Ex Dee Dee Dee. The Spergalicious song on this MM is particularly funny to me. You can hear the echo on (((Steven Spielburg))) at about 0m 55s.

Well, this gag took off and became a running gag on the show. So then online, listeners began using the gag in posts, which was translated to the visual (((echoes))).

Next came the Coincidence Detector. It’s a Chrome extension that puts echoes around (((Jewish))) names, and replaces ‘Israel’ with ‘Our greatest ally’. It was just a little toy that some of the boys made for laughs to keep the echoes gag going.

Then mic.com found out about it. They ‘broke’ the story and a succession of click-bait-loving horrified normies copypasta’d it all over the internet, including a lot of influential sites like Fortune, Washington Post, Haaretz, Forward, the Times of Israel, The Daily Beast and Engadget. Hilarity ensued.

Mic.com: “Coincidence Detector”: The Google Chrome Extension White Supremacists Use to Track Jews

Fortune Magazine: Google Removes a Chrome Extension That Identified and Tracked Jews


Of course, all the sources do the usual pointing and shrieking and screaming “Nazi!” and “Racist”, blah, blah, blah. Just your typical day on the AltRight really. Except on a worldwide scale. This is actually great for the AltRight. In order to attack us, they have to talk about us. When they talk about us, people are exposed to our memes. When people are exposed to our memes, they are polarized: either they become enemies or they become allies. And a lot of people are becoming allies. Why? Because we’re right.

As usual, the mainstream has no idea what is happening. It’s like them reporting Sam Hyde as the latest mass shooter every week. The most hilarious cluelessness comes from attn.com. I won’t give it all away, but if you’re in the know, you’ll want to see this.


Of course the Coincidence Detector is not used to ‘track jews’. Why would we need that. We already know who they are. They wear it on their sleeves. I have developed my own personal Coincidence Detector. For example, earlier this week I read an article entitled There’s No Such Thing as Racism Against White People. The author writes:

This is a recognised tactic from opponents of multiculturalism, or from those who feel their position of dominance in society is being challenged. Why should we be able to say what we like about white Britons, but we can’t say the same thing about black people, or Jews, or Eastern Europeans?

That’s because we – white Britons, that is – are not, and haven’t been, often systematically, denied opportunity. We rule the country. Politics is overwhelmingly white, big business likewise, and the media is almost exclusively white.

kelnerNote how this nice white man, Simon Kelner, is lecturing us about white racism and how people can’t say not-nice things about Jews, but they can about whites. Of course we can trust Simon Kelner’s wisdom because he is speaking for “we – white Britons“, he is saying that we white people deserve this double standard, this treatment, because the others are systematically denied opportunity, which we can read between the lines to assume is caused by white racism, why else would whites need to be punished and mistreated?

So, here we have a white man calling for the mistreatment of white people. That seems odd doesn’t it? Except, I have seen this pattern of behavior before, from Jews. I’ve seen Jon Stewart berate whites and intone how ‘we’ must do better. Wouldn’t it be a coincidence if Simon Kelner was a Jew? It sure would be. So, a quick internet search and seconds later my suspicion is confirmed. Yep, another Jew berating white people about how white people need to accept white displacement, all without notifying the reader that he is actually a Jew.

Why does it matter? Because ethnicity isn’t just genetics, it is tribal and cultural affiliation. Whites have a tribal and cultural affiliation with each other, and Jews have a tribal and cultural affiliation with Jews. Are Jews of European heritage and descent genetically? Yes, I believe they are. Do Jews see themselves as white? No, I believe that their distinct ethnic affiliation prevents them seeing themselves as white. Therefore, those Jews who see themselves as distinct from whites cannot also be white.


We see this ploy over and over again. Jews pretending to be members of the white tribe, shilling for multiculturalism. Shilling for communism. Shilling for globalism. Over and over and over, until we develop a Coincidence Detector. No, we don’t need a Chrome extension to know who is a Jew. All we need to do is spot their patterns of behavior and do a quick internet search to confirm it.


Nor does the AltRight need a Chrome extension to detect who is an enemy and heap scorn and mockery upon them. But it makes us laugh.

Why do we put echoes on Jewish names? Because of this game that Simon Kelner is playing. Pretending to be white while being a fifth column to push policies which are adverse to the interest of whites. You see, this tactic is a deception. It’s not an honest attempt to argue for the policies which Kelner desires as a Jew. It’s an attempt to whisper in the ears of whites as a concerned friend, offering avuncular advice. Jews and only Jews play this game. This method of working against our interest through deception is absolutely a source of ire from the AltRight. Here’s an idea: Why don’t the Jews simply present their positions fairly and not attempt to deceive?


Why do Jews think it’s called the Coincidence Detector? Could it possibly be because we keep finding them acting as a fifth column and deceptively pretending to offer advice and guidance to whites, while working together as a group against our interests? Could it be that it’s just a coincidence that so often we find Jews playing this role, without divulging their distinct and incompatible interests?


We are tired of this deceptive behavior from Jews. We are tired of this deceptive behavior from Jews in the media, in academia and in business. We are at war for the survival of our people and we see you operating as a fifth column. Are your feelings hurt because we put some echoes on your name? Sorry, not sorry. Quit undermining the national sovereignty of whites in white countries and maybe whites will quit ejecting you from their countries for being traitors.

All of the media presents the AltRight as mad dog Nazi Jew-Haters, driven by an irrational hate for Jews. But none of them will explain to you why we name the Jew. Why we heap scorn and mockery on those Jews that perpetrate this deception. I’m not sure why that could be. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that they all leave out that part of the story.

To be fair, I’m not sure that this Mark Kogan is  the same one who is a contributor to mic.com, but wouldn’t that be a coincidence?



Note: Additional Images


Addendum: 2017

Hello Fellow White Man: Whites Against Trump


Jewish Daily Forward Article:
Anti-Semitism in America is Nothing New. Don’t Deny Jewish History and Culture by Calling Us “White”


Relevant screen cap:


Bounty on Nick Denton

Holy Shit! Wesearchr has a $25K bounty on Nick Denton’s head.
Last week, Peter Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal, was revealed to be funding Hulk Hogan’s suit against Gawker. It looks like Gawker will be officially dead very soon because of this, plus their viewership is in freefall.
The establishment is not taking this lightly, and a number of sources are publicly crying and gunning for Thiel. I imagine that this will soon stop, as it appears that Nick Denton’s prosecution will stand as an example to them. If they can get Nick Denton, they can get anyone. If you’re going to be throwing stones at Peter Thiel, you had best not be living in a glass house.
Wesearchr, co-founded by Twitter-banned Charles C. Johnson of GotNews.com just launched last week and they are swinging for the fences with a $25K bounty for any information that Nick Denton has committed a felony. If this information is found and publicized, then Denton will be discredited. Presumably, he will have much bigger problems on his hands than his feud with Peter Thiel.
The mainstream media is about to be prosecuted for crimes against the people. They have so much to answer for: so many lies that they have told and so many truths they have left untold. You know that big microphone that the Cathedral has had for 100 years thanks to mass media? Well, it appears that it’s about to get snatched out of their hands. With tools like Wesearchr, we can all participate in the justice system, we can all participate in the division of labor to produce truthful speech in the commons. We are all about to become sheriffs. Gather up the posse, and let’s go find us a hangin’ tree for Nick Denton.
PS – WeSearchr also has a $10K bounty for detection of plagiarism at Gawker.