God as Meta-Personality

I can’t say that I know what God is with any assurance. I have an empirical bent. But I am quite convinced of the utility and even fundamental necessity of religion and of the idea of God to successful human societies.

One notion that I have heard from Dr. Jordan Peterson is the idea of God as being a sort of meta-entity. There is a video (that I can’t find) where he states this, and says something like “and you can make a deal with that thing” (or something similar). If you know it, please link me.

I was reading the Heidelberg Catechism today:

Q & A 4

Q. What does God’s law require of us?

A. Christ teaches us this in summary in Matthew 22:37-40:

“‘You shall love the Lord your God
with all your heart,
and with all your soul,
and with all your mind.’1
This is the greatest and first commandment.

“And a second is like it:
‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’2

“On these two commandments hang
all the law and the prophets.”

1Deut. 6:5
2Lev. 19:18

So, the two important aspects of God’s law, according the the Heidelberg Catechism is complete commitment to God and community (neighbors). It’s interesting that these two are primary, God and community. This seems to fit with this notion of God as meta-personality with whom a deal can be struck.

Think now on the Last Supper, where Jesus said that the wine was his blood and the bread his body. Why? Because of animal sacrifice. The Greeks, previously, and the Jews and Romans, contemporaneously, practiced animal sacrifice. Often, to atone for some sin, an animal sacrifice would be offered to appease God. I’ve recently re-read the Iliad, which depicts animal sacrifice, and in this ritual the meat is given to the community to share. Previously, I had assumed the flesh was not consumed. I was wrong.


At this point, the sacrificial ritual would become a feast for gods and humans alike. The animal would be cooked over open flames on the altar and the pieces distributed. To the gods went the long bones with some fat and spices (and sometimes wine) — those would continue to be burned so that the smoke would rise up to the gods and goddesses above. Sometimes the smoke would be “read” for omens. To the humans went the meat and other tastier parts of the animal – indeed, it was normal for the ancient Greeks to only eat meat during a sacrificial ritual.

Everything had to be eaten there in that area rather than taken home and it had to be eaten within a certain amount of time, usually by evening. This was a communal affair – not only were all of the members of the community there, eating together and bonding socially, but it was believed that the gods were participating directly as well. A crucial point worth keeping in mind here is that the Greeks did none of this while prostrating themselves on the ground as was the case in other ancient cultures. Instead, the Greeks worshiped their gods while standing up — not quite as equals, but more equal and more similar than one normally encounters.

Now, understanding this ritual consumption of the sacrificed animal, the Last Supper makes sense. Jesus was to be the sacrificial lamb, his blood shed to atone for the sins of mankind and his body feeding them, much as a the blood of the fatted calf could atone for a man or group’s sins.

Isn’t it interesting that the sacrifice fed the group? If we honor the conglomeration of everyone in the community who is not ourselves as we honor God, feeding them fat and meat as a ritual to atone for some transgression while dedicating the blood to God, then it stands to reason that our concept of God and our concept of the community are inter-related. This lends credence to the idea that we treat this meta-personality as God.

Now, I’m not asserting that this meta-personality model is true. I’m asserting that this ritual of animal sacrifice is a good way to bond a community together, to take care of them, and to atone for transgressions. I think it’s obvious that the group does stand in judgement of the individual and can choose to help or punish an individual, and it is wise for individuals to curry favor with the group. This would explain the meaning and purpose of animal sacrifice, which would then explain the metaphor of the Last Supper and why it resonated among people who practiced animal sacrifice. Just because we humans function this way, does not mean that there is not an all powerful creator God, it just means that humans follow rational incentives in the creation of their religious rituals.

You’ll notice that ‘getting right with God’ inevitably means atoning to the community for transgressions. And God’s laws inevitably lead to harmony in the community. Feeding the community is a great way to obtain the forgiveness of the community, in addition to making them healthier and stronger and more united as a group.

Facebook and Twitter Psy-Ops

Britain to run Facebook and Twitter Psy-Ops

From Gizmodo:

A new group of soldiers, referred to as “Facebook Warriors” will ” wage complex and covert information and subversion campaigns […] These Facebook warriors will be using similar atypical tactics, through non-violent means, to fight their adversary. This will mainly be achieved through “reflexive control,” an old Soviet tactic of spreading specifically curated information in order to get your opponent to react in the exact way you want them to. It’s a pretty tricky trick, and the British army will be doing just that with 1,500-person (or more) troop using Twitter and Facebook as a means to spread disinformation, real war truths, and “false flag” incidents as well as just general intelligence gathering. The 77th battalion will reportedly begin operations in April [2015].

Welcome to the future, where fucking with your head is just part of what your tax dollars buys you. Do you think it is time to freak out now? Don’t. Just breathe. This is fine and I’ll tell you why.

When we find out that public opinion is curated, and that thought in a ‘free society’ is actually controlled, then it should make one wonder: Why? and maybe even: What can I do about it?

Want to hear something that I used to believe and no longer believe? Try this answer: Propaganda is the caused by Democracy. In a demotist system, where you count the votes of the masses, it is important to those in power that the masses vote the right way. Those in power use that power to ensure that the masses vote the right way. This is done through the process of ‘Public Relations’, also known as ‘Propaganda’ or even ‘Mind Control’, in addition to buying votes through redistribution.

Hmm. Is that right? Maybe there is more to it than ‘Democracy did it‘.

What’s the difference between Mind Control and Culture?

Very little actually. What is the sociological purpose of religion? Obviously it is to inculcate minds to a certain way of thinking, to a memeplex. If the way of thinking is true to God’s will (and the manifestation of his will in Nature), the those who hold those beliefs (the religious memeplex) should have a better chance at survival and reproduction. If the hosts of the memeplex survive and reproduce, then they will transfer the memeplex to the next generation. If they don’t survive, then the memeplex dies with them. The longer the memeplex survives, the more certain you can be that it is beneficial to its host group. What is the sociological purpose of the public school system? Pretty much the same thing. What is the sociological purpose of television and movies? Pretty much the same thing. It is important that the memeplexes of any host population be curated. So what we are seeing is just a progression of the same behavior through the technology of the period: Religion > Schools > Old Media (TV, Movies, Print) > New Media (the Web) > Social Media (Facebook, Twitter).

No matter what form of government you have, it will always be in the interest of those in power to program the minds of the others in the group to get a functional society and to build group cohesion. There is no need for moral judgement of this behavior. Santa requires you to be asleep when he brings toys: don’t judge Mommy and Daddy for telling you that, just be happy you got toys. If you are getting all judgy about that, you might be a Puritan.

Is the whole world a conspiracy?

Yes and No. This is just the way the world works. Mind control is just easier and more humane than beating people with sticks when they get out of line. If by conspiracy you mean that some people are attempting control you, and this is morally wrong because muh freedom! and all people should hold hands and sing Kumbaya together, so you’re going to label this behavior with the moral pejorative conspiracy, then Yes, the whole world is a conspiracy. If you remove the assumed moral judgement, and see that groups of smart people will work together to further their own interests and that this is just normal group behavior, then No the whole world is not a conspiracy. Again, it is only a conspiracy if you are getting Puritanically judgy about the practice.

Hell, it may just turn out that they are right and they really do know better than you what is good for you. Or it could end up killing us all. Time will tell. That’s the only way you know: if the programming perpetuates itself for long periods of time, that means it did not kill (too many of) its hosts and can therefore be viewed as beneficial.

Shouldn’t I be mad that I’m being mind-controlled?

No. Not really. Someone is going to mind-control you as you are probably not smart enough, or tough enough, or hardworking enough to truly be sovereign. Sovereignty is very hard work. Don’t kid yourself.

What can I do about mind control?

Could be worse… see dildo parade

Well, you can Kill Your Television™ and unplug and get off the grid and go live in a cave somewhere. That is an option, but it seems pretty nutty to me. Of course, you should not worry about what I think or even being happy, and just try to live your life in an interesting way. So living like that might actually be awesome. You would be closer to sovereign than most people, if that is your life’s goal.

Or you could be a keyboard warrior and rage on the internet about how unfair mind control is. But that seems pretty pointless too, and is a much less interesting way to spend your time than living like a nut off the grid.

Or you could realize that those who control minds probably deserve to be controlling minds. It is not always an easy gig, you need to be smart and hard-working to be really good at it. You could work to get in the club, join the CIA or ThinkProgress.

dildo parade

Or you could do a better job of choosing just who is controlling your mind. Curate your media wisely. Read a book written before you were born. If mind control is used to direct a society, and curating the correct memeplex can be a matter of life and death for that society, then should you bet on programming that is 50 years old, or programming that is 2,000 years old? Here’s a thought: Don’t be a total modern-dildocratic-rainbow-parade-marching-zombie, do something that every modern movie and television show is programming you to believe is stupid (because it will program your brain with the wrong thoughts) — put down your phablet and go to Church. Put on a fucking suit, too, whydontcha?