DR3 (Dems R Real Racists)

aka “The soft bigotry of low expectations”

This is the realization that Democrat politicians accept the existence of lower classes, which is de facto acceptance of race realism/HBD, and they actively exploit the lower classes for votes, while giving lip service to equality. Republican politicians actively reject the existence of the lower classes, attempting to force the lower classes to behave like the middle class. On the Republican side, this is an idealistic denial of HBD, and the reality of races and that various groups have classes in varying proportion. Africans currently have a larger underclass than whites, the Democrats realize this and exploit this condition for political power.

The Republicans notice this ‘racist’ behavior of the Democrats and cry foul: ‘dems r real racists!’. In truth, the Democrats are actually being more realistic (about race and classes) than the Republicans, who blindly pursue their Utopian Christian Marxist classless brotherhood-of-man society. In essence, the charge of ‘dems r real racists’ is a charge that the Democrats are not holding to the faith of Marxism and the classless society that he envisioned.

The idea that DR3 is a ‘conservative’ argument, made by ‘true conservatives’, is laughable. It’s in essence, the purest Marxian Utopianism. It is an attempt to hold the Democrats to the ‘true Marxist’ vision of a classless society, which the Republicans already hold. Complaining that “we can’t get to the classless society because the Democrats are in effect exploiting the class structure”, is really simply blaming the Democrats for not plugging their eyes and ears like the Republicans and chanting the mantra “All men are created equal! All men are created equal! All men are created equal!” As they chant, the Republicans will continue to slide off the cliff into political irrelevancy, all the while telling themselves that they are the ‘real good guys’.

The solution is for the Republicans to grow up. Quit being idealistic children. Simply tell the truth and drop the pretense of equality. Recognize and accept class differences and national differences and civilizational differences. Recognize and accept being called ‘racist’ by the Democrats who already accept these class differences (the irony) and build workable solutions. Be pragmatic. Exploit the realities of the battlefield.

You know: take your own side. Win.

A wise man once said “We never win anymore”. Saying stupid thinks like ‘DR3’ is a big reason why.


13 thoughts on “DR3 (Dems R Real Racists)

  1. In this sense, nothing has changed since the GOP was founded in 1854. If Trump doesn’t win big this November and effect mass deportations and strict voter-ID laws, the Democrats will have a permanent majority by 2024. Anti-Trump Republicans think they can play along and survive as the official opposition, but why would anyone give a dime to a party that has no hope of ever winning again? Better instead to slip a few benjamins to the local white-power militia in exchange for the quiet disappearance of any inner-city voters that venture into your neighborhood.

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    • Better to admit this is the situation and try to build solutions that actually fix the problem.

      Lie: We are all equal.
      Truth: We are different. Europeans have undergone a long term eugenic breeding process which has reduced the proportion of our population which is lower class or underclass. The black low and under classes are much larger. Those classes cannot effectively compete in market capitalism, so they are relegate to life-long, intergenerational poverty and/or prison. That sucks for them and they can’t help it. What if we built a large military apparatus that took young black men at a young age and trained them in military discipline and gave them order and purpose, even respect? What if we could build an order where they were rewarded for good behavior, rather than left to their own devices and punished? This is what I mean by recognize the truth of the situation and deal with it like adults.

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  2. I dunno, while the article makes solid logical sense, logic has little place in politics.

    The D side sets the Narrative, they are the ones who generally make the rules. Giving them a good dose of “Making the enemy live by his own book of rules” is just too good to pass up. So Trump calling Hillary racist is fine by me. It is also true of course, the whole KKK is the terror wing of the Democratic Party is 100% true.

    The alt-right doesn’t have a real problem with certain racist ideas, being based on HBD realism, but the Democratic Party of today claims to oppose all forms of racism and should be forced to pay a political price for trying to be both for and against it. The Republicans of course were essentially founded on opposition to slavery, this is going to be a source of longterm infighting on the Right.

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  3. Rather than calling them the “real racists” I would say that the Democrats have always been the real slave owners: two hundred years ago and today. Back then blacks were confined to physical plantations. Today they are confined to the Liberal Democrat plantation. The Democrats even have a modern version of the Fugitive Slave Act: attempting to destroy the life and livelihood of any slave who dares to leave the plantation.


  4. Your points are well taken: you can’t wish away the fact that blacks are wildly overrepresented in the underclass and there may be no alternative to them being permanent wards of the state. But this misses one important point: there used to be a thriving black lower middle class. They have been dropped kicked into the underclass by the Liberal Democrat policies that were ostensibly intended to “help” them. Mainly what those policies ended up doing was creating a Permanent Employment for Bureaucrats Act.

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    • Many people in the working class and lower working class have been harmed by globalism, as those jobs have either been outsourced (shipped out) or insourced (immigrant labor). Smart trade policies could fix that.

      I don’t know about being wards of the state, but I do think we need a civic solution to allow the working, lower and underclass to have clear norms of behavior and be granted some form of honor for upholding those norms.


    • You are a prime example of a dumb DR3 cuck who doesn’t realize this problem is much deeper than American partisan politics of Dems vs Reps. Newsflash: Blacks are a failed race in EVERY COUNTRY ON EARTH. Without a single exception. From their own countries in Africa and countries like Haiti to other Western countries like Canada, UK and France.

      Ask yourself why mainly only blacks have fallen victim to the “Democrat plantation” when working class whites and East Asians enjoy high rates of social mobility? Do the Democrats physically force or threaten blacks to leech off taxpayers and commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime? Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

      You’re just as bad as the Liberal Democrats. You don’t realize you’re simply reinventing their idiotic arguments to turn them back on libs, and people like you are an obstacle to race realism in the West. Blacks, everywhere, have a mean IQ that is two standard deviations below Whites and NE Asians. Transracial adoption studies prove it’s not environmental too. IQ is at least 80% genetic.

      No there was never a “thriving” black lower middle class or working class. Just less problematic blacks than now. They fared better under segregation than they are now.

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  5. “Racist” is obviously a loaded word with an infinite number of definitions, so I generally avoid using it in order to avoid getting bogged down in semantic disputes. “Race-obssessed” or “race essentialist” are arguably less loaded termss, and the left is unquestionably more obssessed with race than all but the most fringe right-wingers. So DR3 is often not the best tack to take but it’s definitely true.

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