Roosevelt and Stalin

Article: Evidence of collusion between the US and Russia to cover up Russian atrocities in 1943.

Also, well documented is the Holodomor, where the Red Commies (with significant Jewish leadership) in Russia starved at least 4 million Christian Ukrainians in 1932-1933. That’s a lot of dead Christians in that short of a time period.

The horrors of the Red Terror implemented by the Russian Cheka are also well documented.
So, given that the brutality of the Commies was well known to the US government, there is an obvious question: Why did the USA side with Russia? They could have declared war on Russia for Russian atrocities, just as they declared war on Germany for German atrocities. Germany had beaten Russia into a pulp, they were easy pickings. Why didn’t the US government stamp out the Commie threat when they had the chance?

Why didn’t the US prevent the Germans from coming West into Europe, while simultaneously allowing the Germans to wipe the Communists off the map in the East?

Why did the Commies and the Fascists hate each other? Why did the USA and Fascists hate each other?

Why did the US government side with the Communists in WWII (thus helping the Communists stay in power), given that the US government was openly anti-Communist and knew of Russian atrocities?

If the government of the USA was anti-Communist, then why did they do such a terrible job of wiping out Communism?

Another question: How did it come to pass that the USA now has a Communist president? Why did Joe McCarthy go on his Communist witch-hunt in the 1950’s? Why is McCarthy reviled in the present media (he is arguably one of the most hated figures in American history), if all he was doing was going after Commies (who didn’t exist)? Obviously you can’t hurt someone who does not exist. Then why is the media still so hurt? Why is it so important that present day Americans know how evil was McCarthy?

Why is it that you can openly profess to be a Marxist in America, but not a Fascist?

The answer to all of these questions is pretty obvious. The average American would have to wipe years of programming out of his brain and look at the situation objectively, if he wanted to have any hope of giving voice to that answer. Take the Red Pill, Neo. Follow the White Rabbit and see where it goes.