MOTW: We Wuz Kangz

Rather than the Meme of the Week, this is more like the Meme of the Month, considering that February is black fake history month. This is the month when black people talk a lot about stuff that never happened.

The essence of this meme is when black people say things like ‘We wuz kangz while you wuz in caves!

I have a little collection of images and videos to get you started. Please add to this list in the comments. (I have already placed additional material in the comments.) We need to build an arsenal of memes as this will be a recurring theme. Every February this memetic battle will rage, until we emerge victorious. So, look forward to a few cycles of mocking fake black history until the SJW’s get tired of trying to mind control us about this topic. If we make it fun, we will win. We have truth on our side, we just need to inject the memes and have a good time doing it. All your memes are belong to us!

There are other resources for debunking black claims of inventions, which are as numerous as they are ludicrous. I’m not saying there weren’t black engineers, there were some, I’m saying that inventions are usually incremental and no single person invents something like the traffic light.

For audio on the topic I recommend you check out the Daily Shoah by The Right Stuff (RSS). February is black fake history month on the shoah and they did some great songs and parodies this month (Feb. 2016). I highly recommend you peruse the TRS radio channel for fun content in the Alt-Right.


Some of the best images have to do with space pyramids built by our neolithic space-faring black overlords.



Then there are the persistent claims by blacks that everyone of any importance who ever lived was actually black or taught by a black person or stole his achievements from blacks in some way.



Of course, the long lasting black Egyptians meme. Now, Egypt is in Africa, true, but:

  • Egypt is very far away from West Africa
  • East and West Africa are separated by the largest desert in the world, the Sahara

Yet American blacks, who are predominantly of West African descent continually claim to be direct descendants of Egyptian kings.





First item submitted into evidence:

A hilarious low-fi play on the meme:

Do you remember The Internet Aristocrat? The unstoppable YouTube general of the GamerGate movement, the hilarious critic of Tumblr with his Tumblr videos? Sadly, the Aristocrat disappeared and his channel was shoahed. But wait!… thank your lucky stars, the Aristocrat is back under a new name: Mister Metokur! Here’s his excellent piece on the We Wuz Kangz memes.


Hatefacts: Gay Culture

Used in a Facebook troll. This is a concern troll, where I point out how gay culture is bad for gay men.

I personally frown on male homosexuality because of the degenerate culture that surrounds it, which leads to such negative outcomes for the men in that culture. So, you could say that I don’t so much frown on homosexuality as a sexual inclination, but on homosexuality as a culture — due to the spread of HIV by gay men, the dangerous promiscuity of gay men, the high drug use of gay men and the high suicide rate of gay men.

  • New HIV infections are on the rise in America due to the ‘destigmatization’ of HIV, with the greatest increase among the youngest group. See CDC.

  • Bell/Weinberg study: 83% of the homosexual men surveyed estimated they had had sex with 50 or more partners in their lifetime, 43% estimated they had sex with 500 or more partners; 28% with 1,000 or more partners.

  • Crime Survey for England & Wales found that drug use in the past year amongst gay and bisexual men is three times higher (33%) than use amongst heterosexual men (11.1%). For lesbian and bisexual women use is more than four times as high (22.9%) than for heterosexual women (5.1%).

  • UCSF researchers have found that twelve percent of urban gay and bisexual men have attempted suicide in their lifetime, a rate three times higher than the overall rate for American adult males.

This post got a lot of quick responses which revolved around blaming straight people for gay culture:

Maybe the suicide rate is high because of people making life difficult for them due to social stigmas around being gay. You can’t say committing suicide is as a result of degenerative behaviour , or is in itself such behaviour.


Yes it is very insidious to use the suicide rate of homosexual people against homosexual people. Of course the suicide rate is going to be higher for homosexuals than that of heterosexuals. Heterosexual people don’t experience homophobia

There is no data showing that straights cause gay dysfunction. So, a fellow troll responded with:

“Heterosexual people don’t experience homophobia”

There’s a big hole in your theory.

In places like San Fransisco which have very high numbers of gays, the social outcomes remain persistently negative.

This falsifies your theory they’re killing themselves because of negative social pressure.

I thought this was a well reasoned response and I plan to use it in the future. Generally though, responses are just more opportunities to spew more hatefacts. Believe it or not, normal people see these numbers and realize that there is a problem with gay culture. I have had extended debates about the rise in HIV and these SJWs will defend gay culture. This is great because normal people see these SJWs defending the spread of HIV and get disgusted with the SJWs. Every thread is a chance to drop some redpills.

Pro Tip: Your troll posts become more accessible to normies if you make some common spelling mistakes.

Have fun!

Memetic Warfare

I am a memetic warrior. Another way to say memetic warrior is troll. I go into public spaces (on the internet) and I say things which are out of fashion, but are true (using a sock account). We call these inconvenient truths hatefacts. I’ve decided to create a collection of hatefacts that others can use. You can find them under the hatefacts category.

I have been spending a lot less time writing and analyzing and a lot more time trolling. Why troll? Simply put: Culture is upstream of politics. Or: control the mind, control the body, control the culture, control the polity. Thought precedes action.

We live in momentous times, and things are changing rapidly because we can now use the internet to inject our memes into the culture, and by so doing we change the culture. Dry theory has it’s place. Who cares how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Not me. Not any more. This is war and we have the truth on our side, so we need to pound the digital pavement and inject our memes. I will post interesting memes under the memes category. All your memes are belong to us! Happy trolling.

Why Women Destroy Civilizations

I’ve been watching Black Pigeon Speaks. This guy is great. He and I must be reading the same stuff, because I find myself in agreement with him to a large degree. He only has a handful of video out so far, but his production and content are top notch. This is a guy to watch.

His video, Why Women DESTROY NATIONS* and CIVILIZATIONS  (embedded below), is an excellent summation of the consensus that is forming among the Propertarian crowd. The video does a great job at wrapping up the following relationships:

  1. Monogamy (sexual restraint in society) and civilization — Sexual restraint of females is a precursor, a necessary pre-condition, for the creation and maintenance of civilization.
  2. Monogamy (sexual restraint in society) and patriarchy — Patriarchal dominance is necessary for enforcement of sexual restraint, therefore patriarchy is a precursor to monogamy.
  3. Monogamy (sexual restraint in society) and democracy — Women’s suffrage is, in effect, women’s liberation. Women’s liberation is the release of women from sexual restraint, it is the end of patriarchal dominance, and it spells doom for the civilization.

It took thousands of years to build Western civilization, but it only took 100 years of women’s liberation to destroy it. I find myself in agreement with Jack Donovan: it’s time to become the new barbarians. Who cares how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Conquer or die.

Peace was never an option.

Lady Gaga Flashes Fash?

Perhaps I’m overanalyzing this, but it appears to me that Lady Gaga has flashed a bit of fash with this minor display of patriotism. This is what cultural shifts look like.

Another related note is Joe Rogan discussing modern art.

Then there is Jerry Seinfeld on political correctness on college campuses as it relates to his particularly inoffensive brand of comedy.

A game reviewer, the Rageaholic, gives a particularly entertaining rant on political correctness’s destruction of comedy, below. I feel all of these as little tremors that point to a seismic shift in the culture as more and more of the cool kids figure out just how bankrupt is modernism, and just how un-fun are the moderns.