Response to Sargon on Alt-Right

I have taken the leap to video production and I now have a YouTube channel.

Here is my video response to Sargon of Akkad’s “An Honest look at the Alt-Right“.



Toxo and Marx

It’s interesting to watch Sapolsky in this video describing how toxoplasmosis can rewire the brain, shutting down amygdala fear response, keeping in mind the discussion of free will versus biological determinism.


From Discovery, Parasite Infection Linked to Road Rage:

People who display frequent bouts of extreme, impulsive anger, such as road rage, are more than twice as likely to be infected with a common parasite than are individuals who do not exhibit such explosive behavior, according to a new study.

“Our work suggests that latent infection with the Toxoplasma gondii parasite may change brain chemistry in a fashion that increases the risk of aggressive behavior,” senior author Emil Coccaro of the University of Chicago said in a press release.

Free will? Knowing that our brains may be rewired to alter our perception of the world around us, it tends to cast more and more doubt upon the idea of free will.

This just in from Curt Doolittle:

On this one point, Locke was Wrong and Hobbes was right: as a member of a polity, man is reducible to a ‘mechanical’ engine fed drugs by his genes as reward and punishment for advancing their interests. And those interests are advanced through acquisition, retention and reproduction of all sorts of things.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy the fulfillment of our genes interests. It’s the whole purpose of existence.

To make the most of it.


This further confirms to me the theory proposed in my Language and Genetic Self-Interest piece. We are moist robots and we are wired to serve the interests of our genes (until a pesky and precocious parasite like toxoplasmosis figures out how to rewire our neuro-pathways). We imagine that we are freely thinking thoughts and making arguments which are simply logical. We are doing as we are programmed. Our ancestors found a competitive advantage in truth and logic, so the machinery of truth and logic is built into our people. We are acting in service of our genes and our genetic self-interest (our reproductive strategy). We found a competitive advantage in universalized belief systems, and so we are prone to universalism. We found competitive advantage in reducing our ethnocentrism, so we are prone to openness to other ethnicities.

The men of the West used truth and logic, universalism, and reduced ethnocentrism to build large, productive orders of humans. There is a lot of accumulated capital. Of course, just as toxoplasmosis exists and can parasitically rewire our brains, other parasites exist and can rewire and hijack our systems. Marxism is such a hijacking. People with a parasitic reproductive strategy and a high-verbal IQ can manipulate our brains by repeating half-truths with high frequency and high volume. All they needed was majority control over a centralized communications network to reinforce their messages. Combine this with the incentives of democracy and you have a recipe for disaster: a machine built to eat the accumulated capital of the West.

The internet has broken the monopoly control over the communications network. We are in the process of rewiring ourselves (see ‘deprogramming’ in relationship to cults). We are building antibodies to the parasites. This is what I mean when I talk about being a ‘memetic warrior’. I mean engaging in the work of deprogramming the cult members who share our reproductive strategy. We can never convert those who do not share our reproductive interests (incompatible ethnicities and to some extent even our women). We can only change their calculation of genetic self-interest.

That’s what I think, which I think must mean that I intuit it to be in my genetic self-interests. Luckily, I share genetic self-interests with the most dominant men on the planet. That gives me hope.

MOTW: Teh Centipede #REKT

This is about a category of memes. Maybe we should call them the OOSHTBHFAM or #REKT videos. They capture and celebrate moments of sheer shitlordy brilliance. We play them for each other and high five and generally cackle and act like the big monkeys we are. It’s fun. You should try it.

These videos use real footage of shitlording feats of strength and are overlayed with images, video, sound effects (airhorns), and music (airhorn music). The overlays are often pop culture references to gangsta rappers, consumer products, pro-wrestling.

This video get responses like this from my crew:

I saw a muder


The most prolific and best examples that I know of are the You Can’t Stump the Trump videos. [Centipede! Wow!]

In this line there are now You Can’t Stump the Milo and You Can’t Stump the Gavin videos.

Here is an archetypal example, about Milo:


A hilarious one where Gavin destroys an SJW Feminist:


I hope to see more of these videos. This is memetic warfare. Get busy, guise!

Females Can’t Into Territory

Territoriality is hardwired into males, but not females. I’m talking primates here.

In the video above, we see that is the male chimps which patrol, making a circuit of their territory, defining and defending the resources within the territory, including the females. Only males engage in this behavior, which suggests that the behavior is selected for only in males.

Why would the behavior only be selected for in males? From Chimps, Too, Wage War and Annex Rival Territory:

When the enemy is encountered, the patrol’s reaction depends on its assessment of the opposing force. If they seem to be outnumbered, members of the patrol will break file and bolt back to home territory. But if a single chimp has wandered into their path, they will attack. Enemy males will be held down, then bitten and battered to death. Females are usually let go, but their babies will be eaten.

Notice that the males and infants are killed, while the females are generally released. We see this behavior in other animals, such as lions which fight for territory. Once the lion has killed or defeated and run off his rival, he will often kill his rival’s cubs. When chimps kill the infants, this frees the female from having to provide resources to the infant and if she is nursing her milk will dry up. This then allows her to go into estrus sooner. The rival male chimps genes (the infant) are removed from the competition for resources, and the female can be ready to breed that much sooner.

The males are killed, obviously because they are direct competitors for resources and for the females. Expansion of one group into another group’s territory will necessitate the death of most or all of the adult males.

Either way, the females will be bred by the most aggressive and dominant males. Aggression, dominance and territoriality are selected as the genes of the victors (who display these traits) are propagated. The genes of males who are less aggressive, dominant and unable to hold territory are deleted from the gene pool. In this way, territoriality is hardwired into males.

Females, on the other hand, can best propagate their genes by submitting to the victors, even the ones who killed their infants and their infants’ fathers. In this way, lack of territoriality and loyalty is selected for in females. Those females who adapt and submit have their genes propagated, while those who fight and do not submit are more likely to be killed or die from lack of resources.

Females can’t into territory. 😉

To expand this to humans, we see female defense ministers in Europe and female leaders such as Merkel in Germany. And these women do not appear to be doing a great job defending their territory. Instead, they seem to actually be welcoming the mostly fighting-age male ‘refugees’ into their territory. Why would this be? Because it is in the female nature to submit to the most aggressive, dominant and territorial males. They are hardwired for it.

Why is the Arab invasion of Europe so hard for European males to watch? Because it is the males who will be killed and bred out of existence. Their genes will be deleted from the gene pool, as genes for aggression, dominance and territory are selected. While their women will be bred. But, they will have the consolation of being able to write “At Least He Wasn’t a Racist” on their tombstones, before some Arab knocks it over and pisses on it.

European males around the world, face an existential threat from more aggressive, dominant and territorial males invading their territories. There is a reason that there used to be laws against interracial marriage in European countries, because the dominant males of those territories had institutionalized their control over the women in their territories. Then those dominant males were dethroned by whining females and allowed themselves to be cucked by non-Europeans in the countries that their ancestors had built.

European females are not going to stop the invasion of Europe. Only European males have the evolutionary hard-wiring or the evolutionary incentive to do so. Tolerance is an evolutionary dead-end. Anti-racism is an evolutionary dead-end. In chimps and humans, nature rewards aggression, dominance and territoriality in males, and submission and non-territoriality in females. Sure, we can trade with the rest of the world and cooperate profitably, but only if they stay out of our territory. Any males who come into our territories without our permission are fair game.

Happy hunting, fellas!


MOTW: Murdoch Shills

I think I missed last week’s Meme of The Week, so I’m catching up. (You guys know I’m not actually gonna keep track of this meme schedule, right?)


In case you missed it, on the internet you can write ICYMI and people know what you mean. In any case, last week or so my favorite alt-right memologists kicked the hornets nest in an episode that “>gasses Dr. Pierce and not Milo Kikopolous”. That was The Murdoch Diaries, which I thought was  brilliant and which I shared widely.

The Stormfags bristled and let Murdoch know that “they done goofed.” After the dust up, Murdoch posted this comment under Diaries:

It’s 11:36 am and I’m drinking bourbon because fuck it. We discussed whether or not to say anything and we agreed not to, but I’m drunk and fuck it. Ok so apparently the message didn’t translate the way that I wanted it to. It wasn’t an attack on stormfront, more like a poke. The episode is about the “alt-right” and the individuals who dwell within it. Each character represented a different facet. Murdoch was the weeb who probably stumbled into /pol/ through /a/ and /r9k/. Murdoch Chan represented the straight up Nat Soc on the extreme end. Dr Murdoch is the neo reactionary who stands somewhere in the middle. We used Pierce because he represented the more extreme version of the movement and naturally the weeb was most at odds with him. We killed him in the end because I DON’T think violence will help us in our cause. Look what just happened in Chicago. Those niggers won Trump the election (i hope) by acting like…well niggers. I know that nearly every revolution requires violence and that innocent people die in all wars, but we must claim the moral high ground if we are to win over the hearts and minds of the people. That cause, at least for me, is saving Europa. I don’t want to see every white homeland overrun by non-europeans. I don’t think Pierce was a fool, but I think using his methods, today, would prevent gaining more allies to our cause. My intention wasn’t to shit on Pierce, but I see why people would take it that way. I mean we did kind of gas him but I thought most of you would understand it’s a joke. He was fighting marxism before this movement was even in its infancy. We used Milo and Lauren Southern because they already have large followings of people who may or may not know “IT’S THE KIKES”, which is why we never fully glorified them. Dr. Murdoch calls out Lauren as a Jew and repeatably calls Milo a degenerate faggot. But we need them because normies will not listen to people like Pierce. I think it’s pretty funny that people are calling us shills when we have named the jew in like every other episode lol. I’m surprised people thought we were promoting race mixing when the Hapa was discouraging it. She explained why it was wrong and why it sucks to have a split identity between different races. At the same time though, what else would you expect from a weeb? I love you guys, that includes stormers, race realists, faggots, happas, and anyone else that is willing to fight and die against globalism and the death of Europa/the West. All I want to do is unite all of you under 1 banner because it will take all of us working together to do what must be done. Feelsbadman when I realize all I did was create a divide, but this has inspired the next video.
You fucking faggots are still worth losing friends for.
-Murdoch Chan
Well, the Murdoch’s seem to have weathered their existential crisis with their sense of humor none the worse for wear. Because their latest episode “Shills” is, once again, nothing short of the most god-like and dankest memes on the InterWebs. Murdoch went meta on the alt-right’s internal dilemmas. I laughed. It made me feel something.
(BTW: When are we going to get a damned right-wing Patreon? We’ve got to figure this one out, goys. How else are we going to fund the dankest of memes?)
You fucking faggots need to watch this shit.

Who cares who was here first?

This memes popped up on my InterWebs today: Europeans were in North America before the Asians. Now, to be clear, I find this interesting (if it is true), but I think this is a loser in the battle for the meme-o-sphere.

CcR7GH7UAAE2vQ4 [Full size images are at the bottom.]

It’s not so much the content of the meme that matters to me here, but I want to express a thought about framing. This meme is a loser, because it has already lost the frame.

The meme is attempting to counter the narrative that the noble savages we call American Indians were in North America and then the evil white man came and conquered them and genocided them and stole their lands with shiny beads. In this typically Leftist narrative, weakness and savagery are good, and strength and civilization are bad. That is the frame.

CcR7GIMVAAAuWupHowever, the counter-argument this meme uses is “we were here first”, therefore it was actually the Asians who genocided the Europeans. The mistake is that it accepts the frame that weakness is good and strength is bad, and tries to portray Europeans as the weak (and therefore good) victims. The memeologist thought they were countering the Leftist narrative, but instead they played right into it. Needless to say, playing into the enemy’s frame is a losing strategem.

Instead, break out of the frame. State the obvious: Strength is good. Winning is good. The Darwinian struggle is real and it is never-ending. Let me put on my bowtie and fedora for a moment: Yes, now distinct peoples can trade with each other and everyone can benefit from this trade, but we don’t have to live together. And if we come into competition, then Europeans are going to win, and winning is good.

This little meme below breaks the frame and re-frames the discussion with a powerful message, one that is powerful because it is true: strength is good. Don’t fall into the Leftist frame. Don’t try to argue that Trump (or anyone else) is not a racist. Argue that strength is good. Argue that solidarity is good because it makes a group strong. Survival is good. Argue that the Darwinian struggle is not going to end. The Leftist argument (that being a weak victim is moral) is a lie. They are attempting to frame morality in such a way that Europeans owe them something. They are attempting to use this lie and this frame to get access to our resources at a discount — they are attempting to steal. We have no incentive to accept that weakness is good and every incentive to assert that strength is good, because we are strong and that is Nature’s way. Never try to frame us as weak and therefore deserving, the weak deserve nothing. Nature does not reward the weak. That’s the truth and the truth is enough.


America does not belong to the Native Americans

Genocided by the Asians


Pay up, or Face the Consequences

I saw this infographic posted on FB with the comment “Disgusting. Societies are judged by how they treat their weakest members.”


You know, I wouldn’t mind this meme if there was another solution proposed. I didn’t bother asking the OP, but I’m guessing her solution would be to simply give old people more money. The government can do that. It’s easy, just print some more.

Why is it that people have no savings? Because the government prints so much money. This causes both inflation and low interest rates. Then people can’t save for retirement because the interest on the savings is less than inflation. Therefore they are incentivized to spend and borrow. They could try to save their money in 401K’s but who knows if that will actually pan out as a market collapse could wipe out a lifetime of savings overnight. This situation is created by a structural problem in monetary policy that is well known to economists. But, the solutions that most will propose is more borrowing to pay old people?


If we want a future, then we need to burn down the current order and implement one where the government isn’t spending our future and creating an environment where we can’t save for old age. Sure, we can always print the money and push it further until the world forces us to deal with reality. I’m not an economist, but I know that the incentive structure is wrong which is why we don’t save, and it seems obvious to me that this will lead to disaster. I don’t know the right economic policy. But I know how to break things. I’ve been a good boy and played by the rules all my life and I see that the people who break things get what they want. That’s the lesson that #BlackLivesMatter and the Left and the Muslims and ISIS have taught me. Playing by the rules is for suckers, unless everyone is going to play by them. They will burn things down unless we pay them. Guess what? The white working class can burn things down too.

I want to be paid to be a good boy. What do I want to be paid? I’ll take civilization, thank you. I’ll take honest government, thank you. I really want to work and produce and be peaceful. That’s what I want. But that doesn’t seem to be working out, not in the long run. I can feel this same sentiment in the white males around me. The revolutionary fervor is growing.

The elites and the moderns keep lying to us. They tell us to be civilized, while attacking us in every imaginable way. The women want resources, but they want to call us rapist-sexist-misogynist-cis-het-scum while we give it to them. The non-whites demand that our children get in line behind theirs for jobs and college educations and our reward for giving in to them is to be called racists with white privilege. The list of victims who get our stuff while calling us names grows by the day.

And, off in the distance, like a storm cloud approaching, the elites are ensuring that we don’t have an economic future, either.

If we can’t have a future, and if we can’t have civilization, then nobody can. I’d rather burn it to the ground and rebuild it, then let these fucking scum have it. Pay up, or face the consequences.