Meme Tactic: Hot Trump Supporters

Let’s face it, Bernie and Hillary have a terrible branding problem: their supporters are just not attractive. Have you seen Hillary supporters? Lena Dunham is a perfect example. Yuck.

On the other hand, beautiful women love Trump and masculine men want to be Trump. I’ve even seen some predictions of a Trump-inspired baby-boom, which is certainly possible.

As I’ve said before, I spend some of my time in the Trenches meming things into reality. And a Trump presidency is one of those things. I’ve also been learning from Vox Day about the difference between rhetoric and dialectic. When someone attacks Trump with some nonsense charge, a dialectician will attempt to counter with a logical argument, facts and reason. However, humans are rarely persuaded by dialectic. Humans are persuaded by rhetoric. So, I have a new kill shot for those who attack Trump. I post a picture like this:

Because Hillary and Bernie supporters are cat-ladies and low-T bronies, they are unattractive, so they have no response. Images like these arouse normal males to want the girl that supports Trump. It’s just animal instinct. Women want to be like the women that men want, so they want to be this girl. This is rhetoric in action. No words, just a picture of a hot Trump supporter. Luckily, there are millions of hot Trump supporters.

It’s a kill shot.

“If do right, no can defense” — Mr. Miyagi

Here’s a treasure trove of Trump supporter hotness.

Happy hunting! Meme America Great Again!


PS – Similarly, I am responding to anti-gun threads and memes with images like this:


4 thoughts on “Meme Tactic: Hot Trump Supporters

  1. This is excellent thinking. I’ve joked for years that if politicians sold themselves like advertisers sell beer, it would really be something.

    For example: video of a couple of hot women in bikinis and Trump hats on a ski boat. Unseen interviewer asks them individually who they are voting for. Each answers, “Donald Trump.” Pan to two physically fit young men in swimsuits, one of whom is at the wheel, the same question is asked. The driver laughs and says, “That’s a no brainer: Donald [beep]ing Trump” while his friend photobombs in the background nodding, smiling, and giving two thumbs up.

    The driver immediately guns the engine and they all roar away to make America great again.

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