Meme Magic: Echoes and Coincidence

Well, the (((Echoes))) and Coincidence Detector appeared in the minds of SJW normies this week. Their heads exploded. We laughed. All in all it’s been a great week in meming for the AltRight.

Echoes? (((Echoes))) are a visual pun. On The Daily Shoah podcast, there’s a spot called the Merchant Minute which is pure Jewish mockery by a memetic genius whose name I can say but can’t spell, [More Rock You]. Ex Dee Dee Dee. The Spergalicious song on this MM is particularly funny to me. You can hear the echo on (((Steven Spielburg))) at about 0m 55s.

Well, this gag took off and became a running gag on the show. So then online, listeners began using the gag in posts, which was translated to the visual (((echoes))).

Next came the Coincidence Detector. It’s a Chrome extension that puts echoes around (((Jewish))) names, and replaces ‘Israel’ with ‘Our greatest ally’. It was just a little toy that some of the boys made for laughs to keep the echoes gag going.

Then found out about it. They ‘broke’ the story and a succession of click-bait-loving horrified normies copypasta’d it all over the internet, including a lot of influential sites like Fortune, Washington Post, Haaretz, Forward, the Times of Israel, The Daily Beast and Engadget. Hilarity ensued. “Coincidence Detector”: The Google Chrome Extension White Supremacists Use to Track Jews

Fortune Magazine: Google Removes a Chrome Extension That Identified and Tracked Jews


Of course, all the sources do the usual pointing and shrieking and screaming “Nazi!” and “Racist”, blah, blah, blah. Just your typical day on the AltRight really. Except on a worldwide scale. This is actually great for the AltRight. In order to attack us, they have to talk about us. When they talk about us, people are exposed to our memes. When people are exposed to our memes, they are polarized: either they become enemies or they become allies. And a lot of people are becoming allies. Why? Because we’re right.

As usual, the mainstream has no idea what is happening. It’s like them reporting Sam Hyde as the latest mass shooter every week. The most hilarious cluelessness comes from I won’t give it all away, but if you’re in the know, you’ll want to see this.


Of course the Coincidence Detector is not used to ‘track jews’. Why would we need that. We already know who they are. They wear it on their sleeves. I have developed my own personal Coincidence Detector. For example, earlier this week I read an article entitled There’s No Such Thing as Racism Against White People. The author writes:

This is a recognised tactic from opponents of multiculturalism, or from those who feel their position of dominance in society is being challenged. Why should we be able to say what we like about white Britons, but we can’t say the same thing about black people, or Jews, or Eastern Europeans?

That’s because we – white Britons, that is – are not, and haven’t been, often systematically, denied opportunity. We rule the country. Politics is overwhelmingly white, big business likewise, and the media is almost exclusively white.

kelnerNote how this nice white man, Simon Kelner, is lecturing us about white racism and how people can’t say not-nice things about Jews, but they can about whites. Of course we can trust Simon Kelner’s wisdom because he is speaking for “we – white Britons“, he is saying that we white people deserve this double standard, this treatment, because the others are systematically denied opportunity, which we can read between the lines to assume is caused by white racism, why else would whites need to be punished and mistreated?

So, here we have a white man calling for the mistreatment of white people. That seems odd doesn’t it? Except, I have seen this pattern of behavior before, from Jews. I’ve seen Jon Stewart berate whites and intone how ‘we’ must do better. Wouldn’t it be a coincidence if Simon Kelner was a Jew? It sure would be. So, a quick internet search and seconds later my suspicion is confirmed. Yep, another Jew berating white people about how white people need to accept white displacement, all without notifying the reader that he is actually a Jew.

Why does it matter? Because ethnicity isn’t just genetics, it is tribal and cultural affiliation. Whites have a tribal and cultural affiliation with each other, and Jews have a tribal and cultural affiliation with Jews. Are Jews of European heritage and descent genetically? Yes, I believe they are. Do Jews see themselves as white? No, I believe that their distinct ethnic affiliation prevents them seeing themselves as white. Therefore, those Jews who see themselves as distinct from whites cannot also be white.


We see this ploy over and over again. Jews pretending to be members of the white tribe, shilling for multiculturalism. Shilling for communism. Shilling for globalism. Over and over and over, until we develop a Coincidence Detector. No, we don’t need a Chrome extension to know who is a Jew. All we need to do is spot their patterns of behavior and do a quick internet search to confirm it.


Nor does the AltRight need a Chrome extension to detect who is an enemy and heap scorn and mockery upon them. But it makes us laugh.

Why do we put echoes on Jewish names? Because of this game that Simon Kelner is playing. Pretending to be white while being a fifth column to push policies which are adverse to the interest of whites. You see, this tactic is a deception. It’s not an honest attempt to argue for the policies which Kelner desires as a Jew. It’s an attempt to whisper in the ears of whites as a concerned friend, offering avuncular advice. Jews and only Jews play this game. This method of working against our interest through deception is absolutely a source of ire from the AltRight. Here’s an idea: Why don’t the Jews simply present their positions fairly and not attempt to deceive?


Why do Jews think it’s called the Coincidence Detector? Could it possibly be because we keep finding them acting as a fifth column and deceptively pretending to offer advice and guidance to whites, while working together as a group against our interests? Could it be that it’s just a coincidence that so often we find Jews playing this role, without divulging their distinct and incompatible interests?


We are tired of this deceptive behavior from Jews. We are tired of this deceptive behavior from Jews in the media, in academia and in business. We are at war for the survival of our people and we see you operating as a fifth column. Are your feelings hurt because we put some echoes on your name? Sorry, not sorry. Quit undermining the national sovereignty of whites in white countries and maybe whites will quit ejecting you from their countries for being traitors.

All of the media presents the AltRight as mad dog Nazi Jew-Haters, driven by an irrational hate for Jews. But none of them will explain to you why we name the Jew. Why we heap scorn and mockery on those Jews that perpetrate this deception. I’m not sure why that could be. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that they all leave out that part of the story.

To be fair, I’m not sure that this Mark Kogan is  the same one who is a contributor to, but wouldn’t that be a coincidence?



Note: Additional Images


Addendum: 2017

Hello Fellow White Man: Whites Against Trump


Jewish Daily Forward Article:
Anti-Semitism in America is Nothing New. Don’t Deny Jewish History and Culture by Calling Us “White”

Relevant screen cap:




7 thoughts on “Meme Magic: Echoes and Coincidence

  1. Bravo. Perfectly explained. This piece will hold up as a resource going forward. Thanks.

    “The intellectual movements Prof. MacDonald discusses in this volume are Marxism, Freudian psychoanalysis, the Frankfurt school of sociology, and Boasian anthropology. Perhaps most relevant from a racial perspective, he also traces the role of Jews in promoting multi-culturalism and Third World immigration. Throughout his analysis Prof. MacDonald reiterates his view that Jews have promoted these movements as Jews and in the interests of Jews, though they have often tried to give the impression that they had no distinctive interests of their own. Therefore Prof. MacDonald’s most profound charge against Jews is not ethnocentrism but dishonesty – that while claiming to be working for the good of mankind they have often worked for their own good and to the detriment of others. While attempting to promote the brotherhood of man by dissolving the ethnic identification of gentiles, Jews have maintained precisely the kind of intense group solidarity they decry as immoral in others.”

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  2. Always very enlightening to see the motivations behind the media curtain which have been carefully hidden from us.


  3. There is a real software extension for Word at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum web site which will flag occurrences of offensive phrases like “Polish death camps,” suggesting “German” be substituted (and pointedly “German” rather than “Nazi”). Yet no mention that a Jewish banking house in England, Rothschild, regularly lent money to I.G. Farben until England imposed a capital embargo against Germany after the September 1939 invasion of Poland. This most likely, although indirectly, aided construction of the Buna synthetic rubber plant near Birkenau, among other projects. So, Jew willing to help extinguish fellow Jew for money now and profitable sympathy story later. Although I think it’s a mistake to lump all the Jews as a bloc, given a significant number are assimilated outside the Zionist camp.


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