Explained: Why Cthulhu Always Swims Left

“Cthulhu may swim slowly, but he always swims left” – MM

Where I explain the meanings and mechanisms of the metaphor.


6 thoughts on “Explained: Why Cthulhu Always Swims Left

  1. You make points that are valid but I have to disagree with your core analysis of the problem – that leftism is just human beings acting according to their innate drive to acquire resources (“rent”) easily. That might explain why a loafing freeloader would try to live off of welfare, drug dealing, and petty crime rather than get a job that requires consistent, reliable hard work. But it doesn’t explain why so many otherwise intelligent people of good solid middle-class backgrounds go off to college and get inculcated with a belief system that teaches them that they are the source of evil in the world and that they should support policies that will dispossess, impoverish, and perhaps result in the extinction of their people. And then many of them actually act to make those things happen.

    Flooding the country with low-IQ, incompatible third-worlders is something that even a modestly intelligent person ought to be able to see is a mistake, and yet smart white leftists will support it. In what way is that helping them to survive or flourish? How is that behavior explained by rent-seeking? The white SWPL will see their standard of living and neighborhoods destroyed by those leftist policies and yet they will support them.

    I propose a different explanation of Leftism: it’s a variety of moral fundamentalism. Moral fundamentalists orient their lives around a moral system which tells them what is good and bad, right and wrong. For Muslims it’s the Koran and Islam, for fundamentalist Christians it’s the Bible and Jesus, and for progressives it’s Equality. For a Leftist, the highest moral value is equality, and racial equality is the highest of all types of equalities. And a moral fundamentalist is primarily motivated by the emotional satisfaction he gets from being morally good, and less by economic considerations.

    Just like a Muslim fundamentalist will strap a bomb to himself and blow himself up – literally end his life – for what he perceives as the highest moral purpose – Islam – a progressive will “strap” third-worlders to white civilization and try to blow it up because he believes he is serving the highest moral cause of universal equality.

    That’s not a matter of seeking free resources. That’s a matter of a deranged, improperly oriented moral sensibility. And there is no way to combat a deranged moral fundamentalist with “better laws” or “more free-market competition” or your other primarily economics-oriented suggestions. The fundamentalist is not motivated by material goods, or they wouldn’t blow themselves and their “evil” enemies up with bombs and immigration. They are motivated by an exciting, emotionally fulfilling sense of being morally good and holy. And that is one variety of very powerful human motivation. Men charge into battle, into certain death, for moral causes. They don’t do that for economic reasons. Economic reasons and rent-seeking do not fundamentally explain human behavior that way.

    The way you fight a destructive moral fundamentalism is by convincing people that you have a different and better moral framework to offer. A set of moral values that are more true, that resonate more deeply with them than their current set. The progressive moral system oriented around equality resonates with the losers of the world – the inferior races, the unattractive women, the sexually defective people – for the obvious reason that it makes them feel better about themselves, and it makes THEM the good people, the moral people, who are good because they believe in Equality instead of caring about stuff like having money and good looks and success in the Darwinian battles of life.

    And some of them are such inherent losers in the Darwinian struggle of life that they will never be swayed to any other morality than Equality because its the only morality that makes them feel good about their inferior situation. Perhaps Christianity does that too (“the meek shall inherit the earth”, “get your rewards in heaven”, etc).

    So you need a better morality to offer than Equality, and I believe it is the morality of Excellence. Of Beauty, Truth, Quality, and Excellence. The highest moral value is Excellence. This is entirely in synch with nature. Darwinian natural selection is nature’s machine for generating excellence and beauty. Every form of life is relentlessly pursuing Excellence in their tiny niche. None of them are pursuing Equality. So we who believe that Excellence is the highest moral value have a very powerful case we can make based on observable reality, as opposed to progressives who can only appeal to those who see themselves as victims and losers.

    A morality oriented around Excellence and Beauty is a morality that stirs the human heart and gives us hope and motivation. It’s a morality that builds a powerful, safe, beautiful society. Excellence truly IS the highest moral value, and so it has Truth on its side.

    People are instinctively motivated by seeing beauty and Excellence. They are “drawn to the strong horse” as Bin Laden put it. When we make ourselves excellent, we are walking, powerful advertisements for our superior morality based on Excellence.

    Also, in practical terms, liberty is required for Excellence to flourish, so a morality of Excellence will instinctively appeal to libertarians and free-market Westerners in general. It has the advantage of being in accordance with American history, where Liberty is celebrated above all else. We have “Liberty” inscribed on every coin, not “Equality”. It’s ‘The Statue of Liberty’, not ‘The Statue of Equality’.

    The real losers will never be convinced to abandon progressivism for a morality of Excellence because they know they can’t succeed or feel good about themselves in a society built on Excellence. But the great mass of people can, I think, be won over, with the idea that Excellence is a higher value than Equality. The losers will have to be defeated, morally and physically. And we’ll be suited to do that because our focus on Excellence will make us strong, smart, wealthy, and fertile.

    Here’s the great thing: in the long run, Excellence is going to win no matter what happens in the short and medium run. In the long run, a society based on Equality degenerates and disappears. And frankly there isn’t a lot any of us can do about it except to live our own lives with as much Excellence as possible, and to talk about Excellence as the highest value to the people we know and spread the idea little by little. And even if our current society is lost, even if it’s too late to save America, we can save ourselves and be the seeds of the next conquering society by building our lives around the highest moral value, Excellence.

    (As an aside, I had a conversation with an older liberal woman recently who I’ve argued politics with for a long time and never made any headway. But when I proposed this idea that the highest moral value is Excellence, not Equality, I could see she the light went on in her head. For the first time ever in our discussions, she said ‘Yes, I can agree with that.’ Excellence instinctively sounds right to people.)

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    • Nice. suggested inserts or tweeks?

      “Leftists” can be born into it, then peer pressure through early years, they have these positive messages of empathy driven into them from age 01-18 –except today, what were good messages and reasonable to your fellow human without actually being obligated to do anything are hijacked by sharks who tell us we MUST do this and must do that, only after they are seated in office. e.g. By deception, We win. Then they appoint people under them, today Fri 21 July, 2017, it’s like Obama is still running the DOJ, FBI, etc. Gridlocked.

      Spoke by the mouth of liars, who also happen to hold office and their RATS use NGP VAN calibre data (this kind of data has them briefed and knowing more about your life than you do yourself) to get donations to votes. (h/t George Webb and NGP_VAN file) Then re-route the $ to hillary. This is a problem of people need to be locked up. The DOJ/FBI ain’t working for We the People cause they ain’t working for Trump, they’re still working for Obama, all while Hillary’s email server, Bengazi, Fast and Furious, on and on and on is swept under the rug.

      Things are the way that our elected officials want them. They could shut down the common core schools, the marxist colleges, etc. They don’t.

      Officials could obey their oaths, but they don’t. The could be held accountable for Treason, but aren’t.

      “Freeloader” already describes a crime, you don’t have to guess what is on their mind.

      This is a problem of dual citizens with unknown loyalty.

      This is a problem of open borders and people who won’t ever assimilate.

      religions who live life always learning, always growing, always expanding, are limited in doing bad, they don’t go to the town hall and batter people.

      long post scattered reply. I tried.


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