NRx vs AltRight: What now?

The AltRight term received a lot of attention recently thanks to a US presidential candidate targeting it in a speech. This has given a lot of air to the movement, further accelerating its capture of the right. As the New Right captures hearts and minds, the AltRight will drop the Alt and simply become the Right.

NRx has received some recognition in the past few years, as part of the Dark Enlightenment. But its effects have been far outstripped by the AltRight. And that’s OK, because of the division of labor of cognition. They play separate, but related, roles.

Humans exist in classes which are formed on a biological basis, and which are most easily divided by IQ, though this is nothing more than a convenient marker. At the bottom of this post I have provided Curt’s original post and my slightly modified version of it. This is a table of the various classes of the New Right. I think it would be valuable to further complete this mapping of the members of the various classes because we need each class to repackage and present the same message in terms that their class can interpret. We also need to create hierarchical linkages in order to move the messages downstream effectively and spread them throughout the Right.

NRx is Middle Class

According to Curt’s table, NRx is middle class. Some might take offense and argue that it is upper-middle class. Sure, the leaders of NRx are likely upper-middle class, but the average NRxer is solidly middle class. Software engineering is a middle class profession. People who run teams of middle class professionals are upper-middle class (CTOs, CIOs, CEOs, Directors, etc). The middle class is not a salary range: it is an ability range. The middle class are those who have the ability to engage in the system of production. This is why the middle class seeks liberty: because given freedom to choose their means of production, they will choose and perform, because they can. As an aside, this is why working classes are less interested in liberty, because they simply can’t capitalize on it within the system of production to nearly the level of the middle class. And the lower and under classes have zero interest in liberty, because they are completely unable to capitalize within the system of production; they desire security, not liberty (and that’s what self-interested politicians trade them in return for votes).

We can argue about the parameters of classes, and we should. We should define them. We need to understand their roles and to define the behaviors that makes one a ‘good’ member of any class, because these behaviors and actors do exist in every class. We just need to incentivize them properly, which is why we must define and understand them.

The middle class has certain behaviors which make them middle class. They follow norms of propriety. I was right when I wrote that NRx is Right Brahmin Signalling. From the SJW encyclopedia: “Brahmin is a varna (caste) in Hinduism specialising as priests, teachers (acharya) and protectors of sacred learning across generations”. NRx is a group of teachers and priests, solidly middle class and exhibiting middle class mores and norms, such as the prohibition on ridicule, mockery, libel and slander.

AltRight is Working Class

The working classes do not share the middle class values and prohibitions on ridicule, mockery, libel and slander. I have seen very clearly the revulsion of NRx to the coarse meming of the AltRight. The NRx aspersions about ‘populism’ of the AltRight. This is simply the middle class reaction to working class norms.

The thing is: the middle class needs the working class. They will do the jobs that the middle class just won’t do. Say, for example, openly attack with vitriolic hostility the enemies of Western Civilization using Pepe and Le Happy Merchant memes. Or say, engage in ‘high energy’ physical activities which raise the cost of the status quo on the controlling elite. Once the cost of the status quo is high enough, then that controlling elite will accede to the demands of the Right. Who will formulate these demands? Ultimately, the aristocratic class will, with large input from the scholarly classes. Who will implement these demands at the local levels? Obviously, the people who organize all production, the middle class, under the direction of the upper middle class, with the ‘real’ work being done by the working classes at the direction of the middle class.

Moral License, NRx and the AltRight

We have a problem with moral license. Typically, our Churches have granted us moral license to defend the West, but the modern Churches are corrupt and useless. Our current set of priests will never grant us moral license to defend ourselves. Waiting for them is suicide. Alternatively, our politicians could grant us moral license to defend ourselves, but they are corrupt and useless and waiting on them is suicide.

The working class (and the lower classes) are the first to feel the affects of diversity. They are not nearly as insulated from it as the middle and upper classes. For this reason, they were the first to grant themselves moral license. This is the AltRight: the working class which has declared war on the Left and on those who pretend to be our leaders (the cucks) who refuse to grant us moral license to self-defense.

Their weapon is (currently) mockery, ridicule, libel and slander. This weapon is off the table for the middle class for normative reasons, thus it was unavailable to NRx, which instead uses Continental and Cosmopolitan philosophy, using myth and critique, respectively. Priests use myth and teachers use critique.

We are in the process of granting full moral license to ourselves for the purpose of defending our civilization. NRx will become an integral part in granting this moral license, or it will fade into irrelevancy. They will use narrative, myth and critique to justify our Holy War for the survival of our people, or they will become nothing.

I’m currently working on ideas for reforming Christianity. NRx is full of the religious, but they have neglected this topic, possibly because they do not understand that this is an essential step, and that only we on the right will undertake it. Does that sound ambitious enough for you?

There are many excellent religious scholars among NRx. Their job is to re-invigorate the Germanic Initiatic Oath within Christianity: Don’t lie, Don’t steal, and protect the commons (every man a sheriff, reciprocal insurance). They must also understand clearly the Morality of Transcendence: man is directing his own evolution, ‘transcending out of savagery to become closer to God and to live in God’s will’ (I am speaking in your voice here, NRx). They should create the narrative, using the Bible, that our new era of truthful scientific language is demanded by God (don’t lie)(Testimonialism), and our prohibition of parasitism (don’t steal)(no welfare state) is God’s law, and that we must become closer to God by promoting the best of our species, and limiting the worst (transcendence/domestication).

If NRx has a place in this movement, it is to reform the Church and grant ourselves moral license to defend Western Civilization, by any means necessary. The AltRight and the working class are preparing to march.


New Right Classes (division along spectrum of IQ)

(Philosophy/NaturalLaw) (Unrepentant Martial/Aristocratic Class)

  • Propertarianism (Curt Doolittle)
  • Ricardo Duchesne ( the Uniqueness of Western Civilization)

(Science) (Scholarly Class)

  • HBD-Chick (familism, groupishness, genetics)
  • Jayman – Genetics, Race, class
  • Sailer – IQ, race, class, education culture
  • Nassim Taleb – Finance, Economics, and Decidability.
  • Kevin McDonald – group competitive strategies

(Information) (upper middle class)

  • Stephan Molyneux (slow conversion on his part but he’s getting there)
  • Tom Woods (even slower conversion but he’s getting there)
  • Charles Murray ( I can’t tell with Charles where he is on hopeless/hopeful)
  • Thomas Sowell (was a first mover really)

(criticism) (middle class)

  • Moldbug
  • Ramzpaul

(ridicule) (working class)

(These folk know exactly what they’re doing by the way. They have adopted leftist ridicule and are actively manufacturing desensitization as a means of combating the falsehoods and pseudoscience of political correctness)

  • Various alt-right podcasts and web sites
  • Meme-Makers and Trolls

(Upper Lower working)

  • 14/88’ers
  • anti-everyone’s
  • white nationalists
  • national socialists

23 thoughts on “NRx vs AltRight: What now?

  1. Where are the Platonists? I would also add that in Hindu mythology, the Brahmins are not those in certain positions, but those capable of executing them well. Our current elites are nothing more than Vaisya who have stepped above their station (hubris). Hillary Clinton is no Brahmin.

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    • Science has, for very good reasons, replaced all other conflationary models for the purpose of conveying truthful concepts. This is not to say that conflationary philosophy (archaic religio-moral, french/russian literary, german rational, jewish psuedoscientific) models cannot convey ideas. It’s that these methods are far harder to cleans of error, bias, wishful thinking, suggestion, obscurantism, pseudoscience, propaganda, and deceit.

      The religio-moral language, like literary, rational, and pseudoscientific philosophy, is archaic. And because it is so easy to lie and err with, we have abandoned it. And the only people that tend to use them are those that cannot speak about their subject truthfully so that it survives scrutiny.

      Now I understand that if you learn a language that you want to speak in it. I also understand that some of us want to feel something when we speak, not just create proofs. I also understand that some of our arguments are so weak that they must be loaded and framed with emotions and experiences to obscure their weaknesses. And I furthermore understand that some arguments must be placed in loaded and framed language in order to obscure their thefts and deceits.

      SO you may argue by ANALOGY (which is what you’ve done above). But scientific argument (truthful argument) requires that we speak in cause and effect, not romantic analogy.

      Reliance on weak arugment methods is evidence of weak argument and less moral intention.

      Just as there is nothing in mathematics that cannot be said in english, there is nothing in philosphy, ethics, politics, economics that cannot be said scientifically.

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      • It is a shame that scientism, a self-refuting philosophical position, seems to form a necessary part of a project that I am otherwise sympathetic to. “[T]here is nothing in philosophy, ethics, politics, economics that cannot be said scientifically,” except of course everything you just said in your post. You didn’t speak scientifically, you made an argument, and an argument is either valid or invalid, which depends upon the laws and rules of logic, which are not proven, demonstrated, or established by science. Science itself is impossible without necessary metaphysical foundations, such as a belief in causation and an objective universe, which science has not and cannot prove but can only assume. Some (but not all) premises in an argument can be established by science, but even then the conclusion you reach based upon those premises are valid (or not) only because of logic. Logic, metaphysics, argument–in other words, philosophy–are as necessary as science to understanding reality. Finally, science does not convey “truthful concepts,” language does. It is just as easy to “to lie and err with” scientific language (e.g, the climate change hysteria) as any other kind of language, perhaps more so because the common man gives undue deference to anyone spouting the vocabulary of science. What matters is that language be true, i.e., that it correspond to reality. To say that one must only speak scientifically is to impose an artificial limitation on the available vocabulary, concepts, and images that makes all communication possible. What we want are valid arguments based on sound premises. Science only gets us part of the way there.


  2. > prohibition of parasitism

    This has to be broader than just covering theft and welfare. Even more importantly it has to include intolerance of parasitism by people outside of the religion. If you want to translate it into Oven Mitt class talk: absolutely no jews anywhere nearby.

    > Ramzpaul

    Oh please, he’s a total lightweight, he shouldn’t be on the same page as Moldbug, let alone next to him.

    You might want to include something explicit about races too.

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  3. Jews don’t work in any of this, and NRx is dead. No one ever gave a shit about NRx other than a few clickbait writers who were hard up for material. Most of your leading figures are psychotics and wannabe cult leaders. Some are notorious pedophiles. Your ideas don’t stand up to scrutiny. The middle class/working class distinction is forced and you have zero evidence for it. You just suppose it into being because you have been forgotten and are desperate to latch onto the alt-right now. Get lost.

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    • Are you or are you not demonstrating my hypothesis? (Yes).

      Alt right can’t survive except as a fringe movement.
      But as a fringe movement it’s useful.
      But I am glad you have found an identity suiting your argumentative ability. 😉


  4. NRx as a separate movement is pretty much dead. Adherents with any talent have been subsumed into the Alt-Right, which, by the way, includes both working class and aristocratic elements. NRx is characterized by a striving middle class disposition, unsure of its place in the scheme of things and fearful of losing rank.

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  5. This mapping of right wing elements by class and IQ is embarrassing and self-serving. I am embarrassed to see how highly Curt Doolittle thinks of himself and how happy he is to call other aspects of the New Right low-IQ.

    The idea that Moldbug has a pedestrian middle class IQ is clearly wrong. Same for most of the alt-right meme makers.

    The New Right still has no power, although we are finally getting some attention and Trump’s success suggests we’re finally gaining traction. But essentially everyone on the New Right is a mere intellectual. The closest we get to men of action are internet trolls. What this means is, almost the entire New Right is above-average IQ. We are idea developers, creators, writers, communicators. And all of us are rebels against the system, heretics who see through the false religion of progressivism. And that takes high IQ and intellectual fortitude as well.

    I am a typical New Right adherent. Very high IQ. But I drink from the fountains of ALL the levels described here. And I don’t see them as hierarchical by class or IQ AT ALL. I think it would be more appropriate to say that the list goes in descending order of pretentiousness and ineffectiveness. The alt-right meme makers are the only group that have managed to break through into the public consciousness. Because they are SUPERIOR writers and communicators. The notion that they are peons repackaging Curt Doolittle’s genius for public consumption is hilarious. Most of them haven’t read him. Reaction, by definition, isn’t new. The ideas are obvious once you see through the progressive B.S.

    If Doolittle want to compare IQs or incomes or other class markers among the various components of the alt-right, he should actually look at the data, not just suppose a hierarchy with himself at the top. A hierarchy doesn’t exist if none of the participants recognizes it.



      The fact that you are a prisoner of the monopoly-model of hierarchy is not my problem. My problem is categorizing argumentative models. ‘Cause that’s what I do. 😉

      But if you look at the data, I’m sorry, the argument method corresponds pretty accurately to every ten points of IQ. So yeah, Sorry. That’s the data.

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  6. So Curt is arguing that he is 40 IQ points above people like Cernovich, Pax Dickinson, the Conseravtive Pundit guy (Hillary PR Team), etc. Seems like a bit of a stretch. None of them are “working class,” nor do they have working class IQs.

    Another thing correlated with IQ is humor. On that score, many of the alt-righters look smarter than Curt.

    My favorite part of Curt’s gradiosity is referring to himself as not just an aristocrat and a genius, but also “unrepentantly martial.” Well, well. A regular Napoleon.


  7. I happen to think that there is a generational difference as well a class difference at play here. The younger generations are more heavily exposed to diversity than older generations were at the same age, and hence are, along with the working class, the first to react to the effects of diversity. The Alt-Right seems to be generally younger and more irreligious, and NRx to be older and more religious. On the other hand, the class structure you provide based on IQ is completely valid. There are a lot of not-so-bright people I see on the right; this is especially true in the intellectually ghettoized portions of the right such as the National Socialists, 14/88’ers, and a good fraction of the religious traditionalists.


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