Cultural Marxism Defined

I’ve been seeing complaints from people that they don’t understand the term Cultural Marxism. Often this lack of understanding is communicated by labeling the term “meaningless”. I know what it means, and it’s a very appropriate term. Here’s a quick explanation.

Karl Marx was attempting to create a Workers Revolution. He intuited that there are a lot more workers than there are owners, and understood that if he could give the workers moral license to attack the owners, that they could take their stuff without having to produce it themselves. It was a simple plan and it worked well enough to kill hundreds of millions of people.

After the Workers Revolution failed to materialize in the US, a group of Marxists known as the Frankfurt School were theorizing on how to complete the revolution. They took Marx’s economic mechanism of dividing Labor (workers, proletariat) and Capital (bourgeoisie) and abstracted the economic model to a generalized Oppressed and Oppressors model, which is not economic but ideological. This is generally known as Critical Theory.

The Critical Theorists then realized that they could apply this method to any cultural/ideological space. Where Marx thought in economic terms (labor/capital), the Frankfurt school could divide any cultural space:

Social Space Oppressed Oppressor
Gender female male
Sexual Orientation gay straight
Race non-white white

Thus we see the Marxist divide-and-incite technique applied to culture : Cultural Marxism.

Once you have divided the space, the next step is to critique the ideology of the ‘oppressors’ as being self-serving and parasitic (Rule #3: SJWs Always Project). This is the ‘critical’ as in ‘critique’ part of Critical Theory. In essence, it boils down to chimping out while using scientific sounding terms like ‘marginalization’.

Bonus points for politicians if they can then herd all of the oppressed groups into a Big Tent Rainbow Coalition of Aggrieved Victims. The only problem is that you’ll have to be careful to work out a victim-status hierarchy, including intersectional victim status, which turns out to be a lot more complex than one might think, as we see with Political Correctness.





11 thoughts on “Cultural Marxism Defined

  1. Concerning the “hierarchy ” what you are getting at is Black men don’t care about the wage gap and Muslims would rather throw gays off buildings then make them a wedding falafel.

    How this ideology hasn’t had linear uninterrupted progression is staggering…

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    • “How this ideology hasn’t had linear uninterrupted progression is staggering…”

      The upper echelons of both the political movement and academic theory are firmly under the control of Jews. While they scarcely ever signal their position at the apex of the oppression hierarchy (to do so would be suicidal given they’re far and away the most powerful ethnic group on the planet), they are absolutely pivotal in setting and resetting the appropriate meta-level stack adjustments for the moment. So long as they aren’t ousted from either position by lower IQ ethnic blocs, they’ll continue to have a serviceable coalition that can always be refocused on white males as a common enemy.

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  2. You’re a self-hating western secularist. Criticism is actually a vital part of western freedom. You’re hating on a grand tradition that has got us this far; and will outlive your bullshit term.

    The Frankfurt School hardly used the term “oppressed” their modern elk argue AGAINST identity politics ( and AGAINST post modernism (…

    they were critics of the fact that capitalism can distort human values;

    The beauty and freedom of western democratic secularism is that Criticism is allowed; and in universities it’s even encouraged. Not understanding this is your problem; not society’s.


  3. You are hilarious Beebox. One top criticism of the Left is their blatant refusal to allow criticism, their insane cries for CENSORSHIP, the inability of the average Leftist to even engage in an informed and logical debate, and the constant indoctrination and propaganda being spewed by postmodern social globalist professors and their Democrat political operative prestitutes who laughingly call themselves “Media”.

    “Criticism is allowed and even ENCOURAGED in universities” is a ridiculous assertion. You know very well that the Long March produced the insane university indoctrination we currently see, designed specifically to produce SJW activist morons who can only parrot talking points, and are completely unable to logically posit or debate them. That is why they resort to TERRORISM (oxford dictionary, defined as “violence for political gain”) and female tactics of labeling and shaming.

    And the fact that you used wiki as one of your sources, and liberal Stanford as your other, shows exactly the extent of your indoctrination. You are a puppet of wealthy elite globalists, promote and defend their vision that destroys nations, cultures, and peoples, and take the betrayal and destruction it like a little B!+ch who enjoys being smacked around and asks for more.

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  4. For what ever reason two and two is not being put together by bloggers/journalists.

    It is not just Marxism, Islam has combined with it. IslamoMarxism is taught in our schools, K-16, with moslem written and published Pearson textbooks. It is the reason we see Millennials reject Nationalism because they have been indoctrinated to be good global citizens (Marxists) and accept Islam as benign. Acceptance of Diversity is acceptance of letting evil slither in.

    The Marxist professors may think their ideology will land on top, but Islam has every intention of having their worldwide totalitarianism, their caliphate, as they have had for 1400 years. The Marxists will have to convert, and many have, BLM, ACLU, South. Pov. Law Center, or die like the rest of us. Many are now acting as IslamoMarxists, double deadly fascists.


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