Fact Checking Trump

Trump’s Fact Check Strategy

  1. Media covers up stories and lies about events, attempts to shift the conversation somewhere else
  2. Trump makes statements about events the media is hiding, factuality doesn’t really matter
  3. Media writes ‘fact check’ articles, where they must talk about the things they have been hiding in order to ‘fact check’ it
  4. Those under the control of the Media are exposed to facts and stories that would otherwise have been suppressed, with some of them being smart enough to be suspicious.
  5. Angry anti-Trump people do Trumps work for him by widely disseminating the ‘fact check’ articles which disclose topics and events that the media would rather not be disclosed, working against their own interests and for Trump by exposing uncomfortable stories.


For example, look at this article from ABC, which attempts to fact check his recent speech.  I linked it, because I want to reward them for writing this type of article with clicks. In bold, we see the following statements:

“Clinton’s Email Was Hacked” [FALSE]

“Clinton Will Create Open Borders” [FALSE]

Clinton’s Bosnia Story Was “Phony” [TRUE]

“We Are the Highest Taxed Nation in the World” [FALSE]

“Clinton Wants to Let in 550 Percent More Refugees” [TRUE]

Hundreds of Recent Immigrants Are “Convicted” Terrorists [FALSE]

It doesn’t matter if the article rates the topics as false. The fact that ABC that has an article saying “Clinton Will Create Open Borders” (in bold) is amazing.

Do you suppose that either the Clintons or the MSM want to be talking about Open Borders? Or Bosnia? Or refugees? Or immigrant crime and terrorism? Hell no! They want to be talking about white privilege and gay rights and evil racists and bigots. But what are they talking about? Open Borders. It’s pure memetic genius.

Trump can put them on the defensive whenever he wants, then they carry water for him by printing articles discussing whether or not “Clinton Wants to Let in 550 Percent More Refugees“. Then what are we talking about? Refugees! Expect more of this. Oh, and please encourage any and all to angrily re-post these fact check articles which make them think about issues that the MSM desperately wants to hide. This allows us to cheaply and surreptitiously inject our memes into the political discourse.

You should also try this technique personally. On a message board, post an incorrect hatefact such as “93% of Syrian refugees can’t read or write in their native language”. Now, this is vague and incorrect. Are we talking about refugees to Europe, or where exactly. The percentages I have seen are about 65%, though some places have articles with low figures like 30%. It doesn’t matter. What matters is some smart opponent will not be able to help himself, he’s going to take the bait: he’s going to have to correct you. Then you can have a discussion about exactly how uneducated ‘refugees’ are. Now the focus is on immigrants and refugees. Hopefully, you can get him to agree that you are retarded and the percentage is not 93%, but only 65% of Syrian refugees who can’t read or write in their native language.

I can think of a few more false hatefacts to get the ball rolling:

  • Blacks make up 12% of the population but commit 77% of all murders
  • Blacks rape 337,000 white women per year on average

Use either of the above, then post a link to FBI stats and force them to do the math and correct you.

Happy fishing!


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