Pay up, or Face the Consequences

I saw this infographic posted on FB with the comment “Disgusting. Societies are judged by how they treat their weakest members.”


You know, I wouldn’t mind this meme if there was another solution proposed. I didn’t bother asking the OP, but I’m guessing her solution would be to simply give old people more money. The government can do that. It’s easy, just print some more.

Why is it that people have no savings? Because the government prints so much money. This causes both inflation and low interest rates. Then people can’t save for retirement because the interest on the savings is less than inflation. Therefore they are incentivized to spend and borrow. They could try to save their money in 401K’s but who knows if that will actually pan out as a market collapse could wipe out a lifetime of savings overnight. This situation is created by a structural problem in monetary policy that is well known to economists. But, the solutions that most will propose is more borrowing to pay old people?


If we want a future, then we need to burn down the current order and implement one where the government isn’t spending our future and creating an environment where we can’t save for old age. Sure, we can always print the money and push it further until the world forces us to deal with reality. I’m not an economist, but I know that the incentive structure is wrong which is why we don’t save, and it seems obvious to me that this will lead to disaster. I don’t know the right economic policy. But I know how to break things. I’ve been a good boy and played by the rules all my life and I see that the people who break things get what they want. That’s the lesson that #BlackLivesMatter and the Left and the Muslims and ISIS have taught me. Playing by the rules is for suckers, unless everyone is going to play by them. They will burn things down unless we pay them. Guess what? The white working class can burn things down too.

I want to be paid to be a good boy. What do I want to be paid? I’ll take civilization, thank you. I’ll take honest government, thank you. I really want to work and produce and be peaceful. That’s what I want. But that doesn’t seem to be working out, not in the long run. I can feel this same sentiment in the white males around me. The revolutionary fervor is growing.

The elites and the moderns keep lying to us. They tell us to be civilized, while attacking us in every imaginable way. The women want resources, but they want to call us rapist-sexist-misogynist-cis-het-scum while we give it to them. The non-whites demand that our children get in line behind theirs for jobs and college educations and our reward for giving in to them is to be called racists with white privilege. The list of victims who get our stuff while calling us names grows by the day.

And, off in the distance, like a storm cloud approaching, the elites are ensuring that we don’t have an economic future, either.

If we can’t have a future, and if we can’t have civilization, then nobody can. I’d rather burn it to the ground and rebuild it, then let these fucking scum have it. Pay up, or face the consequences.


12 thoughts on “Pay up, or Face the Consequences

  1. The meme is a lie, or the underlying data is. I’m Australian, and our pensioners are awash with government borrowed cash. So much so we have gambling venues on nearly every street corner all catering to the pensioner crowd. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent by “pensioners in poverty” on gambling here. This meme is 100% propaganda.


  2. No clue. Do you actually need to utilize the spam trap? As in, do you get tons of spam and few real comments?

    I would think spam traps as least marginally decrease propensity to comment; but if it’s needed, it’s needed.


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