Video: Three Estates of the Realm

Explains what progressives, conservatives and libertarians want, and why, all without ideology or psychology, purely with biology and evolution.


17 thoughts on “Video: Three Estates of the Realm

  1. Interesting construct, I see the tension here also between the one and the many, However why does the Theonomist circle (oratores) and the fourth estate an extension of this group? Likewise, the construct breaks down further when you use doolitittle trichotomy. I agree that theonomy traditionalist view is more patriachal rather than left feminine (except those who are part of the protestant deformation), Traditionalist/theonomists also set limits/laws and have no problem with bearing the sword in the political realm ( see Rushdoony, North ect) It is unfortunate that Doolitle, like Nietzche have never been exposed to Calvanist and Augustinian political theory. Anyway excellent post thank you for your challenging paradigms.

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  2. Narrative ( Samuel Rutherford Lex Rex ect and others) explains the justification however they certainly used the sword. so i guess thats the area of intersection in your Ven diagram


  3. The one thing I don’t understand is why the bottom left includes patriarchy? People occupying that region are generally anti patriarchy now. I feel as though patriarchy would fit the bottom right.


  4. I don’t mean to be contrary, but after chewing on it for a while, I have found the first estate a bit awkward to understand. We don’t really know if the original Indo-European priestly caste was ‘leftist’. Judging from various Indo-European mythologies it seems like the first function was originally more focused on maintaining cosmic order through proper sacrifices, as well as creating contracts, and settling legal disputes. I don’t really see what is inherently ‘left wing’, ‘feminine’, or ‘short-term minded’ about this. I’m not sure, but it may be that the first estate mutated into a completely different creature when Christianity came along and brought a new system of ethics.


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