Wedging Gays and Muslims

We are winning the meme wars. This is a ground game and it requires all of us to pull together to capture the idea-space of the normies. We make and distribute the memes that define the reality of the normies. The internet has allowed us to capture this territory from the mainstream media, but we must fight on a daily basis to maintain control of this crucial battlefield. This memespace is the territory that the ‘conservatives’ failed to hold. We have taken it and we must hold it. We will hold it. We were Born to Meme.


The big topic this week is the mass killings of gays at a gay bar in Orlando this weekend. The shooter was a Muslim who called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS. This was unmistakably Islamic violence against gays in America.

Watch this clip as Owen Jones walks off set because of his rage at his liberal co-hosts who refuse to admit that 1) Gays were the targets, 2) that a Muslim killed them for being gay.

His co-hosts try to make this out to be a ‘lone lunatic’ who had guns that need to be banned, attempting to deflect to gun control and mental illness, rather than admit what this gay man just realized: Gays will never be safe from Muslim violence, and the liberals will allow Muslim violence against gays because Muslims are higher ranked on the Progressive stack than gays.


The problem for the LGBT community is that this shooting highlights the Progressive stack ranking values of two Democrat client groups: Muslims and LGBT.

People like Hillary are in the position that they must loudly wail and gnash their teeth about violence to LGBT at the same time that they can’t say the word Muslim. It causes them a lot of pain when anyone points out that Islam (and Muslim) is extremely anti-gay (tons of poll data and videos and koran quotes available). So, they deflect. They want to talk about anything else: gun control, Christians, colonialism… anything that keeps the hatred of the Left focused on the target: straight, white, males.

The reaction of the Left is calculated for one thing: maintain the coalition. They don’t care what the truth is, they will tell any lie which allows them to maintain their voting coalition. They don’t care that Islam is 100% antithetical to Western values, and that Muslims will never peacefully co-exist with gays. The problem is that gays just realized that they are temporarily useful to the Democrats, and only temporarily, and that the Democrats have zero intention of actually protecting them from Muslim violence. Gays are valuable to help attack straight white men, but in the end they have a lower rank on the Progressive stack than brown Muslims.

The Democrats are pro-Islam and, objectively, to be pro-Islam is to be anti-Gay.

This makes this shooting a very valuable wedge issue. By allowing Muslims into America, the Democrats are in effect choosing Muslims over gays. We simply need to hammer this issue. Meme magic is real boys, so spread this meme. Drive this wedge. Smash their coalition. Make it cool to be anti-Muslim because Liberalism.

Donald Trump has already begun this strategy with his speech in New Hampsire, 23:45.

“Why would we admit people who support violent hatred. Hillary Clinton can never claim to be a friend of the gay community as long as she continues to support immigration policies that bring Islamic extremists to our country and who suppress women, gays and anyone else who doesn’t share their views or values.

She can’t have it both ways. She can’t claim to be supportive of these communities while trying to increase the number of people coming in who want to oppress these same communities. How does this kind of immigration make our lives better? How does this kind of immigration make our country better? Why does Hillary Clinton want to bring people in, in vast numbers, who reject our values? Why? Explain.

Ask yourself who is really the friend of women, and the LGBT community, Donald Trump, with actions, or Hillary Clinton, with her words? I will tell you, who the better friend is, and some day I believe that will be proven out.”

Last summer, after the Supreme Court ruling, the White House was lit up in rainbow flag colors. It is currently very chic to be pro-Gay, and many normal people innately understand that they have a lot to fear from Islam. All they need is an excuse, and the Orlando shootings are the excuse they need to become supporters of ending Muslim immigration, of rooting out Muslim terrorists on America soil, and of suspending immigration completely for a time.

To exploit this sentiment, we are currently driving this wedge as deeply as possible to break off the pro-Gay coalition into the Trump camp. I personally have been using the following images, and I encourage you to use them as you spread this meme to normies:

  1. To be pro-Islam is to be anti-Gay. Hillary and the Dems are pro-Islam.
  2. Daddy’s gonna build a wall and keep you safe.

This is how I’m using it on Faceberg.


Then, when liberals attempt to deflect away from the wedge, they are handled thusly:


Similarly, to be pro-Second-Amendment is to be pro-Gay:


Go get ’em, boys.




8 thoughts on “Wedging Gays and Muslims

  1. Gays are a rounding error in most elections. It is the young skulls of mush who have been programmed to believe ‘gay is good’ that is the resource to be mined. But even better is if the idea of the gays being thrown to the Muslims can actually get and hold traction in the popular imagination the final solution becomes possible.

    Turn the feminists. They won’t admit it in public but they KNOW in their bones they are below the gays on the totem pole so once they admit the gays are under the bus it should be possible to make them face their own horror if they continue with the Progressives over the cliff. Turn ten or twenty percent of women and Democrats will find it hard to win elections in NYC, San Fran and be an asterisk in most of the country.

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  2. In addition, I think that a lot of straight men try to get brownie points with unhappy women by blaming gay men who won’t man up. Yet another thing in common between Feminism and Islam.


  3. fuck lgbt, fuck lgbt, fuck lgbt
    I mean dude how could u say that fuck islam.
    I thought lgbt was peace and all but guess what now its like ‘support lgbt or else……’
    islam is a religion of peace, u cant judge whole community for just one guy, just like I am not going to jugde lgbt for one fucking racist.
    maybe its time for u to grow some balls and stop being a fucking islamophobe.


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