MOTW: Teh Centipede #REKT

This is about a category of memes. Maybe we should call them the OOSHTBHFAM or #REKT videos. They capture and celebrate moments of sheer shitlordy brilliance. We play them for each other and high five and generally cackle and act like the big monkeys we are. It’s fun. You should try it.

These videos use real footage of shitlording feats of strength and are overlayed with images, video, sound effects (airhorns), and music (airhorn music). The overlays are often pop culture references to gangsta rappers, consumer products, pro-wrestling.

This video get responses like this from my crew:

I saw a muder


The most prolific and best examples that I know of are the You Can’t Stump the Trump videos. [Centipede! Wow!]

In this line there are now You Can’t Stump the Milo and You Can’t Stump the Gavin videos.

Here is an archetypal example, about Milo:


A hilarious one where Gavin destroys an SJW Feminist:


I hope to see more of these videos. This is memetic warfare. Get busy, guise!


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