Restoring the Patriarchy for Fun and Profit

Reprinted post from Eli Harman‘s FB page. Cross-posted on the Propertarian Forum.


Persuasion is of limited utility. And it is not in women’s interests to help fight to impose a patriarchy which cannot impose itself on them, though it is in their interests to submit to one which can.

The means of doing so are simple.

1) Teach the truth, principally to men.

2) Burn the academy. This already needs to be done for a variety of reasons and it will shut down the main source of feminist propaganda as well as close off a popular mean for women of seeking and obtaining status besides domestic excellence.

3) Burn the legacy media. Same as above, substituting “vector” for “source.”

4) Grind the practical administration of the welfare state to a halt. The state is the highest status husband around, but if we close his wallet, he becomes a lot less appealing. Use your imagination as to how.

5) Offer.

The combination of unrest, danger, no gibs, difficulty seeking status, and a bunch of dreamy bad boys running around doing dreamy bad boy things like hurting people and breaking stuff, should greatly magnify the leverage men naturally enjoy as the gatekeepers of commitment and material resources and the providers of violence.

Pick up artists talk about “game” and “inner game” (among others.) I call this “systemic game.” It doesn’t take as many men as you might imagine to completely alter circumstances and incentives for everyone.

To this can (must) be added…

6) Being a general nuisance and pain along the outline above, but worse, while demanding an institutional veto over all policy making – past, present, and future. Women can even keep voting, as long as we get to tell them “no.”


Note from Butch: Dreamy bad boys doing dreamy bad boy things


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