MOTW: We Wuz Kangz

Rather than the Meme of the Week, this is more like the Meme of the Month, considering that February is black fake history month. This is the month when black people talk a lot about stuff that never happened.

The essence of this meme is when black people say things like ‘We wuz kangz while you wuz in caves!

I have a little collection of images and videos to get you started. Please add to this list in the comments. (I have already placed additional material in the comments.) We need to build an arsenal of memes as this will be a recurring theme. Every February this memetic battle will rage, until we emerge victorious. So, look forward to a few cycles of mocking fake black history until the SJW’s get tired of trying to mind control us about this topic. If we make it fun, we will win. We have truth on our side, we just need to inject the memes and have a good time doing it. All your memes are belong to us!

There are other resources for debunking black claims of inventions, which are as numerous as they are ludicrous. I’m not saying there weren’t black engineers, there were some, I’m saying that inventions are usually incremental and no single person invents something like the traffic light.

For audio on the topic I recommend you check out the Daily Shoah by The Right Stuff (RSS). February is black fake history month on the shoah and they did some great songs and parodies this month (Feb. 2016). I highly recommend you peruse the TRS radio channel for fun content in the Alt-Right.


Some of the best images have to do with space pyramids built by our neolithic space-faring black overlords.



Then there are the persistent claims by blacks that everyone of any importance who ever lived was actually black or taught by a black person or stole his achievements from blacks in some way.



Of course, the long lasting black Egyptians meme. Now, Egypt is in Africa, true, but:

  • Egypt is very far away from West Africa
  • East and West Africa are separated by the largest desert in the world, the Sahara

Yet American blacks, who are predominantly of West African descent continually claim to be direct descendants of Egyptian kings.





First item submitted into evidence:

A hilarious low-fi play on the meme:

Do you remember The Internet Aristocrat? The unstoppable YouTube general of the GamerGate movement, the hilarious critic of Tumblr with his Tumblr videos? Sadly, the Aristocrat disappeared and his channel was shoahed. But wait!… thank your lucky stars, the Aristocrat is back under a new name: Mister Metokur! Here’s his excellent piece on the We Wuz Kangz memes.


6 thoughts on “MOTW: We Wuz Kangz

  1. On the meme “Romans were not white”

    Those are not Romans from Italy, they are provincials from Egypt, Nayum exactly.
    Those people were North Africans , so at most could have been like the non admixed North African of today , not black.
    They were not white but not even ni@@ers.


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