Hatefacts: Gay Culture

Used in a Facebook troll. This is a concern troll, where I point out how gay culture is bad for gay men.

I personally frown on male homosexuality because of the degenerate culture that surrounds it, which leads to such negative outcomes for the men in that culture. So, you could say that I don’t so much frown on homosexuality as a sexual inclination, but on homosexuality as a culture — due to the spread of HIV by gay men, the dangerous promiscuity of gay men, the high drug use of gay men and the high suicide rate of gay men.

  • New HIV infections are on the rise in America due to the ‘destigmatization’ of HIV, with the greatest increase among the youngest group. See CDC.

  • Bell/Weinberg study: 83% of the homosexual men surveyed estimated they had had sex with 50 or more partners in their lifetime, 43% estimated they had sex with 500 or more partners; 28% with 1,000 or more partners.

  • Crime Survey for England & Wales found that drug use in the past year amongst gay and bisexual men is three times higher (33%) than use amongst heterosexual men (11.1%). For lesbian and bisexual women use is more than four times as high (22.9%) than for heterosexual women (5.1%).

  • UCSF researchers have found that twelve percent of urban gay and bisexual men have attempted suicide in their lifetime, a rate three times higher than the overall rate for American adult males.

This post got a lot of quick responses which revolved around blaming straight people for gay culture:

Maybe the suicide rate is high because of people making life difficult for them due to social stigmas around being gay. You can’t say committing suicide is as a result of degenerative behaviour , or is in itself such behaviour.


Yes it is very insidious to use the suicide rate of homosexual people against homosexual people. Of course the suicide rate is going to be higher for homosexuals than that of heterosexuals. Heterosexual people don’t experience homophobia

There is no data showing that straights cause gay dysfunction. So, a fellow troll responded with:

“Heterosexual people don’t experience homophobia”

There’s a big hole in your theory.

In places like San Fransisco which have very high numbers of gays, the social outcomes remain persistently negative.

This falsifies your theory they’re killing themselves because of negative social pressure.

I thought this was a well reasoned response and I plan to use it in the future. Generally though, responses are just more opportunities to spew more hatefacts. Believe it or not, normal people see these numbers and realize that there is a problem with gay culture. I have had extended debates about the rise in HIV and these SJWs will defend gay culture. This is great because normal people see these SJWs defending the spread of HIV and get disgusted with the SJWs. Every thread is a chance to drop some redpills.

Pro Tip: Your troll posts become more accessible to normies if you make some common spelling mistakes.

Have fun!


6 thoughts on “Hatefacts: Gay Culture

  1. Ever heard of shadow banning? It’s when they basically make your Facebook, Twitter, etc posts invisible to specific IP addresses. Mainly, the IP addresses of people who have the potential to actually understand what you’re saying. In other words I’ll program determines who’s going to see your messages, most of them are going to either be friends with similar views already or SJWs that your message will go in one ear and out the other of


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