Why Women Destroy Civilizations

I’ve been watching Black Pigeon Speaks. This guy is great. He and I must be reading the same stuff, because I find myself in agreement with him to a large degree. He only has a handful of video out so far, but his production and content are top notch. This is a guy to watch.

His video, Why Women DESTROY NATIONS* and CIVILIZATIONS  (embedded below), is an excellent summation of the consensus that is forming among the Propertarian crowd. The video does a great job at wrapping up the following relationships:

  1. Monogamy (sexual restraint in society) and civilization — Sexual restraint of females is a precursor, a necessary pre-condition, for the creation and maintenance of civilization.
  2. Monogamy (sexual restraint in society) and patriarchy — Patriarchal dominance is necessary for enforcement of sexual restraint, therefore patriarchy is a precursor to monogamy.
  3. Monogamy (sexual restraint in society) and democracy — Women’s suffrage is, in effect, women’s liberation. Women’s liberation is the release of women from sexual restraint, it is the end of patriarchal dominance, and it spells doom for the civilization.

It took thousands of years to build Western civilization, but it only took 100 years of women’s liberation to destroy it. I find myself in agreement with Jack Donovan: it’s time to become the new barbarians. Who cares how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Conquer or die.

Peace was never an option.


3 thoughts on “Why Women Destroy Civilizations

  1. You can’t make it up. Right at the moment the third world datky Nurse Ratchett let in to Germany was killing her citizens, she was praising the joys of diversity. No joke!

    Text book case for BPS WWDC

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