Fixing America

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m not terribly concerned with ‘fixing‘ America.

A comment from a concern troll insinuates that neoreactionaries are really trying to ‘fix‘ America. Maybe some guys are, but I am not. You see, I’m a Southerner, and an Unreconstructed Southerner at that. I grew up with my father telling me about the atrocities of the North against my forefathers. The Southern states were fools to ever join the Union, just as the EU member states were fools to join the European Union. The member states of the EU were better off being independent, just as the member states of the American Union will be better off being independent. To be ruled under a single despot is intolerable to the Men of the West. No, I’m not terribly concerned with ‘fixing‘ America.

I’m concerned with striving rightward. I’m concerned with avoiding the wrath of Gnon. I’m concerned with the tightrope over the abyss.

America and the EU are sick. They are diseased and their bodies are rotting, no longer able to fight off infection, unable to prevent colonization by foreign bodies. Their deaths are inevitable and will even be a relief. Perhaps this will occur in time for the constituent states to save themselves. If not, then the peoples of the West will re-organize into some other configuration and life will continue. The struggle will continue.

Did you know that Rome never ‘fell‘? Just like America will never ‘fall‘. When I imagine America ‘falling‘, I see the image of the Statue of Liberty bestriding the Atlantic, tall and proud and clear-eyed, holding aloft the torch of knowledge, gowns white and rippling, the hope of Europe. Then she trips and falls into the deep ocean, to be swallowed up like Atlantis, her torch held above the water until the last tragic moment when its light is extinguished forever. From greatness to extinction in an instant, that is ‘falling‘. No, that’s not what is happening or has happened. This once-proud daughter of Europe, once so full of hope and potential, is now an old porn star, tattooed, used up and diseased. She lies in her hospital bed, as the AIDS that infected her allows diseases to eat away at her flesh, colonies of bacteria that she once could have easily repelled, until common pneumonia overtakes her. She had so many opportunities to take the narrow path, but the party was fun, and the sex and the drugs and the rock’n’roll too enticing. A long, slow, painful, protracted fading is not a falling.

No, I’m not terribly concerned with ‘fixing‘ America. You think neoreaction is going to fix that? Good luck. Seems like a job for a Necromancer, not a Neoreactionary. You might as well be trying to ‘fix‘ the Roman Empire.

Rome never ‘fell‘, it sublimated. Well, actually its spirit sublimated. What animated Rome, is what animates Western civilization is the Soul of the West. Spengler called it the Faustian spirit of the West, a spirit of expansion driven by a sense of space, an abyss, which causes a yearning of the Western soul towards distance and infinity. Bryce referred to it as striving rightward. I call it the Cult of Gnon. The spirit that drives neoreaction is the Soul of the West, and is the same spirit that was the animating force of the Roman empire. Rome did not experience a great crash, falling instantly from its prime into extinction. No, it rotted slowly, an old man warm in his bed, waiting for pneumonia to overtake him. As Rome died, Roman culture spread throughout the West, its forms and its spirit took hold in little corners, fought for existence and flourished once again — reincarnated. Each of Rome’s last breaths washed over the West. Western culture was essentially Roman culture, kept and curated by the Roman Catholic Church. There were a few men, colonies imbued with the Spirit, who took the best of what Rome had achieved and kept the light of the West burning. They created the University system and birthed new sciences.

America was one such flourishing — for a time. I believe that time is ending. I believe the time is coming when she will breath her last breath and will expire — ex + spiritus — and release her spirit. There were many wonderful things about America, and the American project was not a waste of time. It was merely a step along a path, a stage in an evolution, one incarnation in a series of incarnations. Brave European adventurers, propelled by the Spirit of the West, boarded wooden ships — the height of technology at the time, not unlike our space ships of today — and crossed a dangerous abyss, the Atlantic ocean, to colonize a New World. A body politic was born, produced its fruits, and has now outlived its usefulness. Its death will mark a new beginning. A reincarnation will follow.

Today, new colonies animated by the Soul of the West are forming. They are small and inconsequential, for now. Imbued with the Faustian spirit, European men sense the abyss, and sense the call of outsideness, and yearn to strive rightward, and upward. Those men yearn to transcend this World.  Somewhere, there are Western men who know that the abyss calls for us to cross it, to take a dangerous voyage on a tightrope.  That is what I’m concerned about. I am not concerned with LARPing about some ‘Restoration.

On a note completely unrelated to the indomitable Western spirit being called to cross the Abyss, have you been keeping up with SpaceX? I hear they need a few good men, some men with the right stuff. Also unrelated, space exploration was once undertaken by the American government, but somehow the spirit of space exploration has left the governing body but has found itself reborn in a few small corners of private life. Mars is calling.

Some other guys can go ‘fix‘ America. I will take my sons outside and point my finger to Mars in the night sky and say, “I wonder what it would be like to live there?” I will cultivate the Spirit of the West, keep its light alive, and foretell its next reincarnation. America is doomed, but the West lives on.

White men being white men: SpaceX launched DSCOVR satellite aboard reusable Falcon 9 on Wed. Feb 11, 2015
White men being white men: SpaceX launched DSCOVR satellite aboard reusable Falcon 9 on Wed. Feb 11, 2015



5 thoughts on “Fixing America

  1. Brilliant column. If we are to go to Mars – which I would love to see – it will be done by the civilization that follows ours. Contemporary America has lost the will, the sense of community, and maybe even the skills to achieve projects on such a grand scale.


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