Reaction viewed from the Left

This is what Reaction, Neoreaction and the Dark Enlightenment look like when viewed from the Left. Loki is the Arch-Reactionary (evil to the core, sadistic and cruel), the old Jew is the ideological center of the Left (brave and selfless, standing for the freedom of the underclasses) and Captain America is the Red Terror (handsome, brave and ready to violently defend the righteous cause of the Left). This is pretty much the 20th century in under 2 minutes, except in this Fairy Tale the Cheka doesn’t rape, torture and murder Reactionaries for fun (See Republican Marriage). The Left always sees Nazis under the bed‚Ķ this commie propaganda is what passes for entertainment in modern America. This is simply a morality play for Leftists: Kings are Evil. The End.

A Republican Marriage:

How the Reds really treat their enemies:


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